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General Information About Mammography San Diego CA Residents Need To Know

By Marissa Velazquez

When in necessity of properly performed mammography San Diego CA provides a perfect region to check out before any other. Mammography refers to use of low-energy form of ultraviolet radiations in examination of human breasts. The radiation energy is normally placed at approximately 30 kVp. This process is applied both as a diagnostic and a screening tool. All other types of x-ray are similar to it, since it also employs doses of iodizing radiation in images formation.

This technique is applied in discovering breast cancer early enough before it develops. This is attained by detecting the characteristic masses and/or microcalcifications. The images got from the mammography are then assessed by radiologists to understand the results better and come up with accurate diagnosis. In USA, an average lady at age of between 74 and 50 is advised to have their breasts scanned minimum of one time in 2 years.

The task force concerned with studying the efficiency of this technique has of late let out information that does not totally support it. It is realized that in so far as this method can assist in the discovery of breast cancer, it is not entirely correct. Infact, exposure to radiations resulting from repeated screening is noticed to cause the likelihood of an attack by cancer of the breast.

As such, the need for screening is infact unnecessary. The task force further warns people concerning some misleading information about this technique on the internet. Specialists who use this technique of screening state that it has missed cancer rate of about ten percent. This is attributed to the dense tissues that obscure the cancer. It is also not so clear as to why there can be a missed cancer especially in women who are screened on a yearly basis.

Some research indicates that women who start attending thermography sessions at the age of 50 are likely to be saved from the condition. For every one thousand women, at least 1.8 lives are saved over a period of fifteen years. Cochrane analysis reveals that it is not clear yet whether screening causes more harm than good. In as much as some women have their lives prolonged by undergoing treatment, an equal number of women undergo unnecessary treatment too.

There are some disadvantages associated with this method. First, the exposure to radiation is likely to cause cancer of the breast that could have not occurred. Since it is never certain at times whether someone has the condition of not, some people end up being undertaken through the cumbersome treatment unnecessarily. This has major setbacks on financial and emotional statuses of people.

Most ladies are usually traumatized and stressed up when called back for more diagnosis and even treatment after they get screened. Of all individuals asked back for more diagnosis, only a fraction is found positive. Therefore, this proves that screening is very unsatisfactory and ineffective.

When in necessity for excellent mammography San Diego CA should be able to satisfy all the needs one has. There are numerous stations in the region from where one might do the screening. The experts in the stations also work hard to bring back results as fast as possible.

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