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Areas Of Specialization Of A Dentist In Citrus Heights

By Judy Sullivan

Dental practitioners are medical professionals trained in the diagnosis of, dealing with as well as preventing all illnesses and disorders associated to oral health. Dental care is a very broad area having a number of special areas of practice. Before you visit a dentist in Citrus Heights, you need to establish your problem first. This way, you will be able to conserve time and money. Here are a few of the various kinds of dental practitioners and their work.

There is a general dental practitioner who is specialized in diagnosing and treatment of dental problems in people of both sex and at any age. This expert practices basic dentistry like regular cleanings, simple root canal, tooth extraction, fluoride treatments and cavity fillings. He also offers advice on oral hygiene to patients.

Orthodontics practitioner is a kind of dental doctor who deals with aligning of jaws and treating malocclusions. This individual assists most patients with missing teeth in their dental formula, out of line jaws and teeth. Some of the devices that these professionals use include retainers, brackets among others that help to fix these types of issues. These types of dental care professionals are extremely useful to kids since the jaw structure and teeth of the kid building up at this time plus they require care to prevent them from misaligning.

An endodontist is a dental care professional offers tooth root canal services. This individual deals with diagnosing arteries, veins, pulp as well as nerves located in the internal cavity, which are responsible for making teeth alive. Besides this, these professionals also help in diagnosing oral and facial pain that can be challenging to diagnose.

An oral and maxillofacial surgeon is a dental expert who provides surgical treatment of diseases, injuries and deformities of the mouth, jaws and gums. He helps to correct oral cavity and jaw defects by performing surgical procedures to remove cancerous tumors, repair cleft lips and to also correct muscle disorders. This dental specialist works together with cosmetic and orthodontic dentists in reconstructive procedures.

A Periodontist is a dental expert who helps to provide care and support to tissues of the teeth and mouth including gum and the supporting bone. The common treatment he can provide you is cleaning and scaling of teeth to get rid of any harmful substances like tartar and plaque. He also prescribes medication such as antibiotics and mouth wash and also performs cosmetic procedures like implant placements and helps to correct gum recession which helps patients to have a more natural gum smile line.

A prosthodontist replace missing teeth and treat gum tissues. He uses structures like dentures, crowns and bridges. Generally, he is trained in restoring and maintaining proper dental functionality and appearance to patients with missing teeth caused by disease, age or injury. He is also trained in carrying out implant surgical procedures.

A dental practitioner who diagnoses, prevents and treats oral problems in children, adolescents and young adults is called a pedodontist. To provide a comprehensive oral care, he has to work hand in hand with other specialists like a cosmetic dentist in Citrus Heights. A cosmetic dental practitioner help in maintaining a good smile by performing procedures like teeth whitening on the patient.

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