Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dallas Plastic Surgery Center Provides Mommy Makeover Options Efficiently

By Erika Hertol

There are some body features that individuals are proud of and love it when they stand out. Big beautiful eyes and full smooth lips are some of them. The nose however is one such feature that nobody ever wants to be the center of focus. For the residents of Dallas nose reconstruction which is also called rhinoplasty comes in handy for people that want their noses to be surgically reshaped.

There are instances when the inner structures are affected, which makes the technique go beyond being just cosmetic. In such instances, it aids in improvement of breathing in the affected patients. Rhinoplasty is done so as to ensure the feature is brought into more aesthetic harmony with other parts of the face. The best candidates for the procedure are non-smokers who are in good health. People that feel their noses are asymmetrical or those with broken noses can benefit.

Before the surgery is carried out, lab tests are ordered for determination of health status of the patients. Furthermore, it may be required that the patients take certain medications in readiness for the operation. Medications to keep off from include aspirin, herbal supplements and several anti-inflammatory drugs. These could lead to excessive bleeding.

The procedure does not require that one is admitted, it is done on an out-patient basis. The nose is packed in sterile gauze, after which it is fitted with a splint. The splint holds bones as well as new cartilage in place and is used for approximately just one week.

It is expected that patients resume normal routine within a week or thereabout. There are guidelines that are supposed to govern recovery and these must be followed. They may vary in different patients.

For the residents of Dallas nose reconstruction surgery could lead to some side effects and may come with some risks as well. These include breathing difficulties, scarring and persistent swelling. Some of them are temporary and do not pose any danger as such.

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