Thursday, January 9, 2014

Upcoming Trends In The Musto Shirt Line

By Cornelia White

The final few months of every year bring some of the most important fashion weeks for the future because they are the collections that predict the following year's trends. For this reason, the Mercedes Benz fashion week is the core event to look at when deciding what to buy for the season to come. The summer and spring ranges will see slim silhouettes and wild patterns, which will have an effect on what is to come in the Musto shirt range.

Men's formal wear has been given a rustic edge through the addition of checks, florals and stripes, which will be seen not only on shirts but suit jackets too. Double breasted styles were spotted on runways. Skinny trousers and tailored collar shirts added a touch of sophistication that received a laid back edge through contrasting elements and two-toned mules.

Those who prefer to dress with more pizzazz will be free to add as much spice to their trousers as they wish. Catwalks were filled with wild trouser prints such as bright fruit patterns, feminine blooms, and Fifties plaid. When paired with monotone blazers and shirts, the look is completed through the addition of a bright colored belt or other functional accessories.

Men with a minimalist style have plenty of options. One of the most important of these is the white on white look. Titanium, cream and ivory are mixed in suits and shirts. Every garment bears a different white tone, including the shoes and belts. Texture adds interest through opaque weaves, satin textures and translucent fabrics.

High rise pants have been ultra-fashionable all year and they will continue to be on trend. However, in the coming year, they will be worn even shorter. Men are free to roll their hems up above their ankles even when dressing for the evening. Any length below the knee is hip unless it creates a break. That gives bolder men the freedom to turn up their trousers to midway between the knee and ankle. This formal clam digger look turns classic suits into contemporary outfits.

Blocks of color are being seen on every style of shirt. They are introduced in the form of diagonal or horizontal lines or on collars. Classic patters such as checks are still in style, as are polka dots. All these prints can be worn on trainers, suit jackets and man bags.

Utility items now form part of fashion. Headphones, cameras and men's bags are an important part of every outfit. What ever a man chooses to carry needs to form a part of the ensemble seamlessly. Fashionistas will need to replace their outdated products with those that fulfill the palette requirements of the year.

Bold color mixes create a strong aesthetic that begs to be noticed. Red and blue are the perfect pair, as are pink and grey. Indigo continues to be among the trendiest colors for the season, but camo prints have made a comeback, bringing neutral khakis and stones with them. As always, the Musto shirt line brings the trendiest styles to wardrobes.

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