Monday, January 6, 2014

Musto Fleece For Superb Outdoor Wear

By Jeannie Chapman

Now there is a way to stay warm and still look great during all your winter activities. Musto fleece is designed with equestrians, sailors, and skiers in mind, but every man and woman who wants to keep the winter chill out while making a fashion statement should know about this line of sportswear. Now you can have the warmth of wool in a carefree synthetic fabric.

Fleece used to refer to the wool on the back of a sheep, which was sheared and turned into yarn. The yarn was knitted or woven into fabric or garments to keep people warm during cold weather. Wool stays warm even when wet, and is flexible enough to allow freedom of movement. With proper care, woolen sweaters, jackets, coats, or blankets can last for years.

However, everyone is familiar with the drawbacks to wool. Many people are allergic to the natural fiber, while others find it scratchy. Moths love to eat it, so summer storage is tricky. Machine-washing is usually not a good idea, although wool can be blended with synthetic fibers for easier care. Drying with heat almost always causes shrinkage with pure wool, often making a garment small and dense.

Enter fleece, which is usually 100% polyester. Machine washing and drying works with this material, although air drying is recommended. Improvements in the industry have resulted in garments, accessories, sheets, and blankets that give total satisfaction. Moth damage is eliminated, shrinkage is minimal if not totally avoided, and blending with other fabrics has added further versatility.

This modern synthetic alternative to wool is very warm and wicks moisture away from the body, making it perfect for strenuous exercise. Being quick drying, it is great for quick dashes from car to barn, and it's so lightweight that it can be layered with waterproof material for rain gear. It's not windproof, but again a shell of impermeable fabric solves that problem. Sailors, equestrians, skiers, and lovers of the outdoors are pushing the popularity of this new kind of weather protection.

Musto is a line of durable garments that offers superior protection without sacrificing fashion sense. Their jackets and accessories will make you look good while they keep out the winter chill. Take their riding jackets, for instance. They come in many designs to suit the different needs horse people have. Four way stretch is one feature that makes for unrestricted freedom of movement in the saddle or on the ground.

The company website shows many designs in a wide choice of color. Jackets, neck 'tubes', and headbands make hours spent outside pleasurable rather than miserable. The look is streamlined, with the warmth of the fabric itself eliminating the need for bulk. From vests to hooded barn coats, these fashionable fleeces fit the needs of all who work or play outside.

If you're an outdoors kind of person, you should check out Musto fleece. This modern-day substitute for wool offers carefree outdoor wear with superior performance and fashion sense. There's no reason to spend time shivering - or hand-washing your warm clothes, either.

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