Saturday, March 15, 2014

Choosing The Right Horse Rugs

By Jaclyn Hurley

Just like people horses need to be looked after. They need to be fed, cleaned out and sheltered. While they may have thick hair and manes this does not make them immune from the cold. Sometimes they need something additional to keep them clothed. This is why you need to choose the right horse rugs to suit your animal.

There are various places you can order a rug from. The problem is that whether you buy something from a high street store or a website it is not possible to bring your horse and exactly measure them up against an item. Therefore you need to order a product in advance and take an educated guess that it is right.

It may seem strange but when you want to see if a rug fits you need to place it on without removing any of the tags or packaging. The reason that this is important is because if it turns out that it does not fit then there will be no problem returning it as the product will still be in its original packaging.

Each rug comes in a set size. They tend to come in three inch increments. Therefore you have to decide whether or not you want to add a little extra material in order to make them a bit more comfortable or not. Ultimately this depends on the animal as some may prefer more material and others may not.

There are three different styles. There is the standard neck, half neck and full neck. The standard covers the back, hind quarters and shoulders. This is best for people who do not clip the necks of their horses and therefore do not need to worry about their necks being exposed.

Half necks stop rain getting under the rug and provide extra warmth. A full neck is best for horses who are particularly sensitive to cold or in the very cold winter months when additional cover is required. The additional benefit of the full neck is that it makes it easier to clean the horse as they do not get mud on their neck. It is also worth checking to see how breathable the material is so that any water evaporates. This is especially useful during the summer months when they could end up sweating more during a gallop.

As well as dealing with the cold there is also the issue of what to wear in warmer conditions. Having a material that breathes can help as sweat drips away from the rug. It is often advisable to have options for both warmer and colder conditions so that you can be sure that your horse is properly looked after.

You can order rugs for your horse from specialist stores and websites. If your budget is tight then you may want to look for private sellers offering second hand items. It is recommended that you check and compare a number of sources in order to get the best products in your price range. You should also check online for feedback and advice from other riders and owners in order to get the right rug for your horse.

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