Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Get Your Pool Table Refelting Done By Someone Who Has Done It Before

By Leticia Jensen

That pool table you have has been serving your needs for many years. It has finally developed a bit of a worn spot and that last party caused a small rip. This means it is a time to explore your options with a pool table refelting project. There are several decisions to be made and all of them can be exciting.

If it is a small rip, it can be repaired by you with a lot of patience and a good quality adhesive. A very sharp knife will also be needed as well as some sandpaper. Measuring the hole, cutting the felt and making sure it fits will take attention to detail. Just the right amount of glue will also not be easy to judge. But, again, looks are not as important as how it might effect the game.

One of the best courses of action should be to have the entire surface recovered. This will ensure that the table has a fresh look, ready for whatever you throw at it, although not literally of course. Getting help in this project from a professional in Denver, CO will be as easy as giving them a call or stopping by the several that are available in the Mile High City. A do it yourself project of this type will need the help of a few professionals.

You will find that a professional will be the better choice for this project. They have been doing this for years and have the experience to get it right, the first time. They will ask you what color of felt you would like and this opens a lot of possibilities for you and the room in which it is placed.

That color green has been done to death. It looks like all other pool tables and you may want something with a little more color or depth to it. You can select many of the blues, purples, reds, cream and even many with images on them as well as designs of various natures. Making your table stand out from the rest will help people remember they would like to come to your next party, and the next.

Watching the professionals go to work on your table will help you understand what they are doing and more about this game piece. The measurements will be exacting as will the dismantling of the rails. Removing the felt and old glue will make the way clear for the new piece. Old staples will also be removed so they do not interfere with a proper installation.

That felt piece will be cut to the proper width and length. This will extend past the edge of the slate or bed and allow the staples to hold it onto the surface. A very thin, solid layer of adhesive is applied and the felt is laid over the surface. This is stretched in all dimensions to ensure it is perfectly flat and the staples are applied under the rail location.

Disassembled rails are covered and reinstalled. Since the pool table is more than just good looks, a proper refelting job is more than important. Making sure the enjoyment of this game piece continues is what this is all about. Bragging rights for your selection of a interesting color or design is also in the offing.

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