Friday, March 21, 2014

The Different Programs That Nursing Schools In New Jersey Offer

By Jaclyn Hurley

As a nurse, you can work in various settings such as outpatient centers, the offices of physicians, hospitals and senior care homes among others. To qualify to become a nurse, you need to get training from an accredited school. Nursing schools in New Jersey offer various types of programs that enable students to get a certificate or an associates, masters, bachelors or doctorate degree in nursing.

You can enroll for a one year diploma if you want to work as a licensed practical nurse. Another option is to study for two years to get an associates degree. Studying for two or more years to acquire registered nurse certification is also wise. You can also obtain a bachelors degree in this field.

To obtain a bachelors degree in nursing, you have to study for a period of four years. After enrolling into a BSN program, you will be taught how to act as a leader and how to carry out research. If you have an associates degree and you want to advance your career, you can enroll in a college where an RN to BSN program is offered. This program offers students advanced management skills, increased advancement opportunities and additional technical training. You will also learn how to review research papers.

New Jersey residents can also enroll for the RN to MSN program. To get into this program, students are required to take undergraduate prerequisite classes and an additional fifteen to eighteen hours of the courses that the RN to BSN program covers. Some New Jersey colleges also offer advanced programs such as the doctor of nursing practice, which is abbreviated as DNP and doctor of philosophy degrees.

The PHD is considered to be academic and research oriented while the DNP is considered to be a professional terminal degree. Rather than focusing on academic research, the DNP deals with the clinical aspects of nursing. If you are a RN who is looking forward to serving as advanced practice nurse like a clinical nurse specialist, certified nurse midwife, nurse anesthetist or a nurse practitioner, you can pursue the DNP degree.

Accredited online programs are offered by most schools in New Jersey. You can enroll for such programs and advance your career with ease due to the flexibility of their class hours. The first thing you need to do is to submit an application letter to the college you want to study at. After receiving an acceptance letter, you will be informed about the day of orientation.

Orientation is important as it will familiarize you with the school, its policies, learning environment and its procedures. You will also be provided with a schedule containing details of the days and times that it offers classes. You will also be informed on the list of supplies you should carry such as notebooks, scrubs, stethoscope, comfortable shoes and drug guides among others.

To make the most of your education and get a job after your studies, make sure that you choose an accredited school. Accredited schools offer better learning opportunities for students as well as financial aid, scholarships, special grants from the federal government and other kinds of financial resources to cover the expenses of paying for college education. You can apply for these grants through your school.

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