Saturday, March 15, 2014

Important Information About Cancer Social Network

By Jaclyn Hurley

Going through an illness is not easy for both the infected and the affected. This is especially for cancer which is a chronic illness. It affects different parts of the body and has various stages. When one is diagnosed with such an illness, it becomes hard for both the person and the loved ones. This is why cancer social network is set, to help such people.

These are networks that are aimed at bringing people who are going through the same condition together so that they can get to know each other and get some encouragement. They meet and open up about the type of cancer they have and the stage it is. They also discuss about the experience they are getting with treatment which tend to be hard to deal with in most cases. They discuss and get a way of managing the disease courageously.

The participants of this network whether the affected or infected are able to share about how they manage the illness in terms of diet and the place they get their professional help from. This gives them a wide source of ideas on how to manage the condition with the information they get through sharing. One can also get a referral on which physician to see if they are about to start the treatment.

In these networks, you will get people who have specialized in the management of the disease. They may not be facing the same condition but they are meant to encourage the patients in the group. This is by giving advice on how to eat well and also offering psychological support to the members of the group. It gives a lot of support to the participants.

The people who are already in such social networks can tell of the benefits they have got from joining the groups. This is from the courage they get to face the condition to the joy of being a help to someone who did not have hope on the condition. Most people fear the therapies for the first time or after the side effects have started. Through sharing, one is able to face the situation as it arises.

The courage to face the condition is taken much faster by the person who needs it because it comes from someone who has faced it before or is facing it. This gives a picture that is real because it is told from real life experience. From this experience a person is able to take the medication and attend therapies with courage they got from another person.

It is a network that is aimed at helping patients with cancer not fall into depression and stress. The people who have joined these networks can tell of the usefulness of sharing. One feels loved and cared for. This helps the many who could even think of suicide due to lack of hope of living.

The social networks for cancer patients remain helpful for many people. These are the people living with the disease and those who have their loved ones with such condition. They get the embrace, feel cared for and above all get the hope they need to keep living. The networks have brought love and joy to families and individuals as well.

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