Friday, March 28, 2014

The Benefits Of San Francisco Pilates

By Jaclyn Hurley

San Francisco Pilates studios offer very nice ambiance for practicing this effective and popular method of improving strength and flexibility, and the best workout equipment you can find. The method itself was introduced back in 1920s, by successful physical trainer Joseph Pilates, and is popular since. Although it was primarily designed to help dancers to recover from their sports injuries, it really affects the whole body on the most amazing way.

The method uses a series of controlled movements. It can take place on the floor, but some require the use of different sophisticated exercise machines and other equipment. In any case, the point is to get very good results without bulking, as well as to achieve good posture, to activate some neglected muscles, lose weight and come to better shape.

Here, it's not only about the muscles. The point is to achieve a perfect balance of your body and mind. Deep concentration on each and every move you make is essential. Concentrating on your breathing, you need to activate your core muscles, and it has beneficial effects on your spinal alignment as well. You need to feel every part of your body, and help it reshape and lose weight, and you have to feel great doing it.

The problem with some other sports is that you have to get in shape first. Here, you won't be risking getting injured, and you won't experience muscle pains. All movements are very slow and controlled, and the point is to coordinate your body, spirit and mind. Concentrating on every move your make, you are going to activate neglected muscles and improve the shape of your body.

All sessions have to be supervised by highly experienced trainers. They design special exercises for each individual, depending on their health and physical condition. The series of movements is usually designed to help strengthen and tone muscles and improve flexibility. The movements are slow and controlled, relaxing and quite effective, especially when it comes to losing weight.

Losing weight without exhausting aerobic trainings is a good news. Practicing Pilates is easy, it doesn't require too much effort, and you don't have to be in very good physical condition to start with. Besides, it is very relaxing, and it affects both your body and your mind, relieving you from accumulated stress, and making you feel and look so much better.

It is proven that practicing Pilates greatly improves general body strength and flexibility. All muscles become better toned, and your body gets reshaped without using difficult workouts. The method has very low impact on joints, and it means it can be used by people with different health issues. It is funny, easy and relaxing, and still achieves very nice, long term results you will be more than satisfied with.

Depending on your physical condition, your training instructor will design a series of exercises for you. Engagement in any sports activities is always beneficial for your body and health. This method is funny and easy to practice, has very good results on your physical and mental health, and makes sure your body is in a perfect shape. It is very effective even in decreasing low back pain and disability.

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