Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Amigo Mio Is A Solution To A Lot Of Rugging Problems

By Marcie Goodman

The different requirements for rugs for horses is quite a complicated thing to sort out. To get a rug that fits your pony or horse, stays in place and is tough enough for everyday wear is not easy. The amigo mio is a rug that is designed to fit most equines whatever their size or shape.

They are manufactured from a type of polyester that appears quite flimsy, yet it is as strong and hard wearing as any other material used for this purpose. The use of this light fabric means the rugs can fit snugly around any shape of horse. Added to the front leg arches which are a patented design, this produces neatly fitting rugs that still allow for all the natural movements of the animal such as rolling, kicking and galloping.

Made in sizes to suit horses and ponies. It comes in all the normal weights and the striking two colour designs add to the choices available. Depending on whether you need a neck on your rug, you can have straight forward turnout or a one piece. The one piece includes a neck as part of the rug. This means pressure is spread evenly up the neck to reduce rubbing and soreness.

All the turnout rugs are secured with double front fastenings, diagonally crossed surcingles across the belly and where a neck is included, double fastening to hold the neck securely. Properly fitted the rug will hug your horse allowing no loose edges which can become caught on fences or hedges. While this is snug around the horse it does not restrict the movement of the horse in any way.

For the summer there is also a fly rug which is of the same design, using knitted polyester material to protect from insects. This too has an integrated neck to give maximum protection. This comes in a fetching red and bronze mix with the shiny surface helping to repel the dangerous rays of the sun..

There was also a range of stable rugs with just one front fastener and a belly strap. These come in a range of weights and colours too and all have an inner silky shoulder protection. These will keep your horse snug, warm and clean whilst in the stable.

Another part of the collection is a fleece. This adaptable rug can be used for layering in winter, as a day rug or for keeping clean, warm or cool whilst travelling. They are also ideal for drying the sweat off a hot horse in the cold weather, and to complete the range their is also a skrim rug for letting a hot horse cool naturally on the hotter summer days.

Whatever you are looking for in a rug to suit your animals needs the Amigo Mio is a solution to a lot of rugging problems. Once you know how well they fit you can find the right rugs for your every need. If you cannot get the type and colour you want from your local supplier, now you know they are available you can hunt them down.

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