Friday, March 7, 2014

Reasons You Should Involve Your Child In A Wooden Stacking Game

By Eula Nichols

It is important that parents involve their kids in exercises that will enable them enhance their creativity and become more skilled. The wooden stacking game is an ideal tool that acts as a developmental tool for these young guys. These are the kind of games that most youngsters love to keep themselves busy with. Early development is greatly influenced by such activities which might seem minute or useless to some.

Blocks and other items that have the ability to be effectively stacked together are mostly designed for children aged two to four years old. They are however usable even for other children who may be older or younger than this age. Parents must carefully choose the sizes of the stacks since children will put just about anything into their mouths. No parent would want their child to choke on the tiny items meant for fun.

The decorations on the toys vary from one toy to another. A toy may be naturally colored or may be painted. Some of the painted ones are known to cause irritations to the noses of children especially those painted with oil based products. The paint could start coming off as well when the toy is used for a long time. Stacks made of wood are viewed to be safer than the plastic ones.

The games play a great role in coordinating the hands of the child with his sight. He visualizes what he is able to see and then processes that information so that he can direct his hands to the exact location of the object he sees. Color is another great aspect that helps the kid to differentiate different stacks and be able to form one complete image. As much as it excites the kid to do this, the activity is usually very educative for him.

Different coloring on the stacks makes the brain of the child more active and he is able to start telling colors apart from each other. They initially will identify bright and dull colors and the differentiation ability grows as the child continues to play about. Matching the colors while assembling stacks together helps to grow the visual recollection of a toddler.

Differentiating the sizes of these wooden blocks is another important feature for the kid. When the toys range from different sizes, the child is able to make comparisons of the sizes which help his ability to distinguish different sizes. A toy set that enables the child to sort the stacks into different sizes, shapes and colors is very good for him.

Early stages are influenced by hand activities that are direct. This not only entertains but also helps to enhance the creativity of a child which continues to improve with time. The more the child plays the game, the better his skills become.

Small children should be allowed to play the wooden stacking game. It is an investment that is definitely worth your money considering the great role it plays in the early life of your child. However it is not expensive and many children enjoy it as they grow.

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