Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Rowing Machine

By Armando Rodriguez

It is important for you to be in good physical shape due to numerous health advantages. Going to the gym, every single day can be very hectic, more and more people are choosing to buy home fitness equipment. An important equipment available may be the rowing machine. You will find different benefits of a rowing machine workout that you can enjoy. However, before purchasing the indoor rower, you should consider various factors to make an appropriate decision.

There are different types of rowing machines that one can buy. There are the magnetic resistance rowers, water resistance rowers, air resistance rowers and hydraulic resistance rowers. These models are different based on the resistance they apply to the user. In addition, each of these models will have their own strengths and weaknesses; therefore, a person would have to buy what is most suitable for their needs.

Your height would also determine the kind of rower that you would buy. If you are more than 6ft tall, you will need to buy a full-length one. Considering a full-length rower will require at least two meters of space, you would also need to consider the space available even as you consider your height. However, even if you are tall and there is not enough space, you may have to opt for a folding rower.

When buying a rowing machine, you would also need to consider your weight. Always make sure that you buy a machine with some allowance of at least 10 percent more than your current body weight. This allows additional force that may be created when rowing.

It is also important to consider what the console of the rowing machine offers. Most rowing machines will have a display console that will show your distance, speed, time and calories burnt. Some models may have some useful display options that can be of great benefit; hence, you can consider the indoor rower with the most suitable console options.

You should buy an inside rower that has a comfortable seat, since you are likely to sit on the seat for a while. Despite the fact that most rowers do not have a padded just like a bike, you should purchase a rower with a decent seat. The chair ought to be of sufficient size such that you can sit on the seat without much problem.

It is always advisable to buy a machine that has a warranty. Make sure that you check the warranty details especially if you are buying a highly discounted rowing machine. This is because such retailers may sell the machine at a low price knowing that they have shortened the warranty period.

Purchasing a rowing machine could possibly be the best decision you would ever make. This is because of the numerous benefits of a rowing machine workout. Therefore, if visiting the gym is a hassle, why not buy this unique equipment and enjoy a number of benefits of exercising in your own home.

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