Sunday, March 30, 2014

Liquid Diet Recipes, Easy To Prepare, NO Cook Recipes

By Susan Field

What type of liquid diet plan is effective for weight-loss? That's exactly what I asked last February after failing to lose weight at the gym and on a diet. I wanted to know how I could use a replacement meal plan and not feel hungry all day. I could no longer bear cooking every one of my meals from fresh ingredients 3 times a day and that was simply impossible on work days. So I decided that a whole food meal replacement plan was the answer instead of the trusty sandwich and boxed foods I usually ate Monday to Friday which had failed me so badly.

I never felt like I was over eating during the daytime and generally stayed within my calorie allowance for each day. The real problem for me was feeling hungry an hour or so after having lunch. Snacking in the afternoon and on my way home from work during the week became the norm. These food cravings between meals were a symptom of a poor quality diet. The true fact is that convenience food like sandwiches and supermarket ready meals are a poor compromise between your time and the food quality you receive in for the money you pay.

The problem with this arrangement is that someone has to make a profit in order to provide you with a convenient packaged product. So with the best of intentions ready prepared food cannot give you quality ingredients that will be the most beneficial for your body and remain competitive on price in a price driven marketplace.

The ingredients used to produce sandwiches and microwave meals are usually cheap, bulky and rich in sugar. Commercial meal replacement milk-shakes are not much better in terms of nutritional composition and the profit margin is high too.

What you actually need is all the goodness from a freshly made replacement meal made with 'natural whole foods'. This is where liquid diet recipes can help and these recipes are a winner in terms of cost, value and nutritional quality. Liquid diet recipes can be made using inexpensive foods that store well at home and the recipes are deigned to be simple to make.

The answer was to design a clever range of liquid diet recipes made by blending 'natural whole foods' that give your body real food that prevents hunger and eliminates the need to snack. They can be quickly in minutes and seconds and taken out on the road to work.

Test-drive the liquid diet recipes from my plan and experience the difference they make to you, the 'natural whole foods' are will power your weight loss and prevent food cravings. Test-drive the liquid diet plan the recipes today they all taste delicious and boost your energy so that you will not even notice that you are dieting. You will feel healthy and energised at fat loss will be easy.

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