Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fiberglass Pool Manufacturers Offer Value For Money

By Jaclyn Hurley

The recession has had a huge impact on the leisure industry. Many people have had significant difficulty making their mortgage payment let alone thinking about making improvements or additions to their home. Finally things are turning around and people now have a little more disposable income. One of the top property improvement projects to consider are home swimming pools. The fiberglass pool manufacturers are busy trying to get a bigger part of the market with their innovative designs.

For many years the traditional choices of plaster or vinyl liners have been the most common type of pools installed. Yet as more and more people learn about the advantages of fiber glass the market is seeing a very distinct shift. It really is a case of getting the word out to let buyers know they have another excellent option. In fact, in most areas a fiber glass pool will out perform the others styles easily.

As soon as the pool is set it can be filled with water. At this point it is already for swimming and the family can jump in and enjoy themselves right away. Maintenance is also much easier with fiber glass pools. They do not grow bacteria like a traditional liner because the surface is hard and there are no seams. It is the seams of a vinyl liner that cause much of the bacteria growth.

All pools need maintenance and involve some work. However, the fiber glass pools involve the least amount of time and money to keep in top condition. This is simply because they are moulded in one piece and there are no seams. It is the seams of a vinyl liner or the abrasive texture of plaster that provide a perfect breeding ground for algae and bacteria. This also equates to a lot of work.

One of the best known manufacturing companies in the market today is San Juan Pools. Established in 1958 they really were there at the beginning. The company has a very high commitment to quality. Every one of their pools is carefully designed and made. Customers can be sure they are buying a product that far exceed their expectations. The latest black fiber glass pools are especially sleek and actually look reflective.

Trilogy Pools of Tennessee are a well established company that serves the east coast area. There manufacturing is very innovative and they offer a choice of depths to their pools. This is a very important feature, especially for families with young children. They have to put safety first and a constant depth of four or five feet is perfect.

San Juan Pools are one of the original fiber glass manufacturers. Because they have been a part of the industry since the very beginning they really know the business inside out and back to front. They are at the cutting edge of every new design and innovation to hit the market. Their Taj Mahal style is a spacious 16 by 45 feet with a depth of 8 feet. Its overflow system helps to keep the water cycling properly.

Viking Pools are also a highly rated manufacturer. They are well known for the innovate designs that appeal to a broad spectrum of people. The unusual shapes and sizes of pools give fiber glass an additional advantage.

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