Monday, March 31, 2014

Liquid Diet Results

By Susan Field

Are these toxins killing your liquid diet results? If you have tried a liquid diet to lose weight you may have had some initial success and wondered why you have put all the weight back on after a few weeks.

The reality is that most people are sabotaging their attempts to lose weigh over the longer term in several ways:

1.) - Consuming alcohol is the number one way to limit liquid diet results. Alcohol is loaded with calories and makes you want to eat more food too. Limiting your consumption of alcohol will increase the effectiveness of any diet you follow.

So why does drinking alcohol stop you from losing weight? Firstly alcohol is almost as calorie dense as sugar and you already know not to eat more sugar in order to lose weight.

Secondly alcohol interrupts liver function and the health of your liver is vital in order for you to lose weight reliably. Drink sensibly, limit yourself to 1-2 units per day maximum if you are serious about losing weight.

2.) -Tropical fruit is wonderfully sweet, but the downside to making liquid meals that include mango banana and pineapple is that the sudden release of the high concentrations of sugars contained in those fruits will cause a sudden rise in your insulin levels. This sudden rise needs to be avoided as when insulin is high in your bloodstream you cannot metabolise fat stores from within your body.

For the best weight loss results in the shortest possible time, avoid incorporation tropical fruits in any of your smoothie recipes.

3.) - In order to lose tummy fat quickly, avoid bread altogether.

The 'wheat belly' study clearly demonstrates that wheat gluten causes inflammation within the tissues around the abdomen and that wheat can have a similar effect on the body to consuming refined sugar.

For liquid diet results choose oats and berries for breakfast and incorporate some shredded coconut and pumpkin seeds to this recipe. It can be enjoyed as a cereal dish with non-dairy coconut milk or blended with whey protein and milk in a liquid diet smoothie recipe.

The green smoothie is another great way to improve health and shed fat fast. Include a mixture of fruits and vegetables to obtain a balanced result in terms of flavour and consistency.

Incorporating healthy omega 3 fats in your liquid diet plan will ensure that you can prevent food cravings between meals. You will feel full and satisfied when you increase the amount of these super foods in your liquid diet.

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