Sunday, March 23, 2014

How An Atlanta Bed Bugs Exterminator Will Help You

By Gwen Lowe

Bed bugs are some of the most dangerous pests to have in the household. They will make your life a living hell because they keep on attacking at you and your loved ones when you fall asleep. They suck blood from the uncovered areas of your skin leaving angry red welts that are very painful. Because of this, you need to call an Atlanta bed bugs exterminator to clean your house for you immediately before it is too late.

Bedbugs are everywhere, and you should not feel guilty when they invade your home because even the biggest hotels get them. They are easily transmitted from one place to another because they are tiny, and it is hard to notice them. That is why you need to confirm there are in your place before you decide to call an expert.

There are special places that they enjoy hiding, and it need keen observation if you want to confirm their existence. They like living in any wooden furniture like the beds and one need to be extremely keen because the only come out in the night for people's blood. They like to live in some fabrics that will make them invisible, and they are very hard to see during the day.

There are several ways to confirm if your home has the bugs. First, they will lie on the edge of the wooden furniture waiting for the night attack. Second, you will see black spots that will show they still exist there. You can also see your skin will have brown marks that are painful and have some nymphs.

You need to know that garments that have been infested by these pests may not be treatable. This also goes for cushions and mattresses as they have many holes in which eggs can be hidden, and even if you kill these pests the eggs will continue breeding. Such items will need to be burned, and others bought. This is the only way you will be sure that these pests do not come back once you treat the house with insecticide.

You can start by spraying these pests with rubbing alcohol. This will kill them on the spot but remember that you have killed only the bugs that can be seen. You still need to call an exterminator who will do all the other work for you. You cannot afford to live with the bugs in your house anymore.

Another way of eliminating the bugs is by putting the place on extreme cold temperature for about 2 weeks because they cannot live in a cold place for too long. You can opt to wash your bedding in very hot water that is a good thing to do. Make sure that you wash any fabric that will be the easy target for the bedbugs to hide in like the teddy bears.

For furniture and surfaces, you will need to point a sustained jet of steam at them in the hidden places to kill them all. You will also need to vacuum your house to get rid of the ones hiding in mattresses and carpets. Other than that, you will need to take other prevention measures to ensure they never get back to the house at all.

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