Sunday, March 23, 2014

Researched Facts On Safe Use Of Vitamins

By Eve Andersen

Information on safe use of vitamins is usually confusing. The genuineness of what are regarded as health benefits is difficult to verify. Some quotas give information that is totally false with promises that are hard to realize. The only way to make the right choices about these vital nutrients is to learn as much as possible. Sifting through the information provided allows you to make better choices.

Dietary supplements are defined as products that complement the nutrients gotten from natural foods. They provide vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other dietary necessities that might be lacking in the body. These supplements are available in the form of pills, tablets, liquids and capsules. The labels on the containers indicate the components and percentages of each.

The extra provisions in supplements are aimed at ensuring that the body achieves optimum performance at all times. There is an added advantage in herbal or botanical elements which includes added medicinal value. Their target is specific and includes bones, lungs, skin and the liver. Vitamins are particular in their action. An example is where Vitamin E helps in repairing body DNA and supporting the immune system while A assists in vision and bone growth.

Multivitamins supplement what natural foods like vegetables and fruits provide to the body. Similar nutrients are also obtained from whole grains. They are important in covering for instances where the shortfall is not detectable. This would be during certain seasons where common foods are not in plentiful supply. Supplements will provide a reliable source through out the year.

The preference of herbal products is driven by their medicinal advantage over other food items. This aspect has assisted humanity for years in its raw form. With technology, the elements that make herbs potent have been extracted and used in medicines and food items. This allows the current society to tape into the benefits that were enjoyed by civilization societies for centuries. Reports from global health organizations indicate that huge populations are still using herbs for health and medicinal purposes.

Current dietary regimes are made up of high calorie foods with little nutritional value. This makes it important to use multivitamins in order to supplement the shortfall. They are recommended for children and adults depending on physician prescription. You will have an assurance that you are eating a healthy diet. The first option or consideration must be to get a healthy diet before turning to the option of supplements.

The nutritional needs of each individual depend on their health condition and biological status. Women at the age of child bearing require more iron and calcium which can be provided by multivitamins. Pregnant women and lactating mothers also require higher levels and so do teenagers, seniors and children with poor feeding habits. Vegetarians are exposed to the risk of nutrient deficiency.

Anyone avoiding certain categories of food should contact a nutritionist to identify which elements might be lacking in his diet. This also applies to persons who are dieting. Persons with medical conditions that affect feeding and those whose eating habits are poor need to consult experts. Such conditions lead to lactose intolerance, problems with absorption and deficiency diseases. If your diet is made up of processed and fast foods, it is necessary to see a nutritionist for advice.

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