Thursday, March 27, 2014

Get The Facts Via Gabriel Method Review

By James Spann

Gabriel method review is delivered by users who provide an independent evaluation of their personal experiences. The reviewers are not known to the developers of the program and neither are they commissioned. This means that the information they provide is unsolicited and unbiased. The reviews are posted on product and customer websites without editing to preserve authenticity.

The Gabriel method offers individuals interested in losing weight a natural and reliable tool. The program is unique and healthy ensuring that the body is not deprived of essential nutrients. The book is thoroughly researched and offers options for individuals in different circumstances. There is no emphasis on diet but an insistent that weight loss begins when the mind is ready for it.

The sustainable weight loss program proposed in the book is unique because it proposes continuation of normal diet. You do not have to deprive the body of any food. The idea is that, such deprivation will be read as famine and sends your body into protective mode.

An effective weight loss program must be devoid of stress. Stress is registered as a threat to life and causes an adjustment in body metabolism. The author advocates for personal fulfillment and contentment. The body can therefore respond to commands and feel relaxed. This is achieved through listening to the desires of your heart and mind.

Participants are required to work on visualizing exercise, meditation and mind work. A professional dietary change is also required including intake of wheat grass juice and whey proteins. Weight loss takes time as compared to the conventional methods that promise a difference of 20 pounds in a week. The advantage is that the results will be felt for long. It is ideal for persons who have tried other options and failed.

The author points out at the existence of non-physical causes of obesity. This is why a person must get into SMART mode which stands for Super Mental Awareness Re-education Training. This state allows you to change dysfunctional and worn-out ideas replacing them with new and tested ones. This leaves you without fear and therefore ready for change.

Weight loss is closely linked to how the body and mind work in synchrony. Positive fulfillment and self fulfillment help to eliminate the barriers that make weight management a difficult task. The author of this book is of the opinion that loss of weight does not have to involve reducing you portion on the plate. Providing essential nutrients will make the body healthier and responsive.

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