Monday, August 11, 2014

A Child Psychologist And Therapist NYC Works In Many Venues

By Annabelle Holman

Having an interest in children is a prerequisite for pursuing any career that works with or for them. A therapist in practice to provide help for children affected by any kind of trauma is in such a career position. In the position of a child psychologist and therapist NYC is a prime location in which to find a large number of children to help.

His or her education encompasses all aspects of their development from the time they are born until they reach eighteen. The factors under consideration are gender roles, language and sexual orientation. Some points studied are the all important personality development and social development.

It is a special challenge to understand and provide treatment for those who are in a preverbal stage of development. Communication is usually key to helping, and communicating without words is more difficult. Without an adequate vocabulary, they cannot give enough information to help provide clarity.

In those cases where a child has been abused art therapy and the use of dolls to show actions are one way to circumvent the language barrier. Dolls are especially useful when sexual abuse has been alleged. It may, in fact, be the only avenue to obtain the truth because a student in that age group would not have the words for what happened.

A school psychologist will work specifically with school age children. This would include those in elementary school through high school. This position is usually hired directly by a school system in the area to be served.

The needs of special children must be served first. Some are developmentally delayed and need special services for that reason. Others are gifted and must have advanced classes to sufficiently challenge them. Without them, they grow bored and do not reach their full potential.

Some of these psychologists work with clients in need of therapy for coming to terms with educational difficulties. Others are involved in treating those who have suffered abuse or trauma that is affecting their lives. The best learning situation for the gifted as well as the developmentally delayed student is evaluated.

A number of tests are available to use to evaluate childrens learning needs. If a behavioral issue is preventing that learning, it can be dealt with after an assessment is performed. It requires helping each child to understand how to approach the tests he or she is going to take.

The childrens psychologist earns a doctorate to enable him or her to practice. In addition, there are two clinical internship years and state and national testing to be passed. Then a license to practice is issued.

There are many job opportunities available for the child psychologist with a Ph. D. They work in mental health clinics, schools, hospitals and court systems. They conduct tests, they diagnose and they counsel the children as needed to promote good mental health.

There are also positions for those who want to conduct research. They study the processes one goes through to acquire an education. They study childhood development. Imagination affects the education. The child must learn to perceive reality as opposed to what is imaginary to be prepared to learn, for example.

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