Thursday, August 7, 2014

Discover Ways Of Sickle Cell Disease Prevention

By Annabelle Holman

It is the joy of each and every parent to have a healthy kid. Many people have invested in a busy lifestyle, this has made them to lack time to be with their young ones and find more about their health conditions. It is the duty of the parents to know the how about of their young ones, you need to have some time to ensure that your young ones grow healthy by providing the right preventive measures. A disorder like the sickle cell has taken the lives of many young ones, this article provides you with a guide of ensuring that you kids are safe by providing Sickle cell disease prevention.

One thing that makes the disease complicated is the fact that it is inheritable. It is transferred through the genes from one generation to the next. It is also possible to transfer the defects from a mixer of abnormal genes. Moreover, a parent with abnormal hemoglobin genes will easily transmit it to the kids. The scientific researchers have come up with a conclusion that the disorder has the highest percentage at the rate of transmission through inheritance.

Research has shown that the disorders came into being as a result of gene mutation. Many countries of the sub-Saharan community are normally having these disorders and this has discouraged many people in the world. The world health organization with the help of DNC departments are uniting hand in help of the African community. The WHO is aimed at detecting the defects early in order to take the required preventive measures.

The world health organization is involved in primary prevention, chemoprophylaxis, vaccines, reducing morbidity among others in order to improve the quality of life of victims. Research has further shown that the disorder concentrates more on the hemoglobin in red blood cells. The effects drag the life of a person and is portrayed in his education, the output in work and the physical development.

Reducing mobility is another preventive mechanism. You find that the patients will not just solely depend on the NGOs in the provision of the drugs and the right medication, everyone requires to rise up and challenge the infection. If people stand in one accord and provide the right requirements for the kids, there is need to give the best results to the world.

The control involves setting up the poorly formed red blood cells in areas that are prone to this kind of defects. The researchers and the expert team will tell you that the right time to spot the disease is during birth or prenatal period, this should be done using the different screening machines. The devices need to be available when carrying out the research on the different types of defects. This process will greatly reduce the number of kids born with the trait in hospitals today.

The management need to also use methods that are affordable and simple at the various levels of managing the defects. This is better than having a parallel programme that may be too complicated and expensive for the patients to afford. Constant research programmes should be put in place to come up with the evidence in making of policies for the daily operation of the programme.

Lastly, it is important to be a partnership that is fostered between parents, professionals and the relevant community groups in the society. This will ensure that many people are getting information through public educations.

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