Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What You Need To Know Before You Seek Addiction Counseling San Francisco

By Linda Ruiz

Addiction is not a natural health problem but a condition that develops a habit over a given period. Even before thinking of addiction counseling San Francisco resident, who is an addict to an intolerable conduct, should first admit that they have a problem. If you do not admit this fact, you may find it quite difficult to become a changed a changed person.

Your life is precious and you need to do all it takes to ensure you maintain that value. If you really take time to think about what being an addict does to your psychology and general heath, you would not want to think again about going back to the same habit. Bad habits not only destroy your self-esteem but also damage your heart as well as your physical and spiritual relationship.

Think of how much pain that addiction is causing and openly agree that something is wrong somewhere. Think about how many people you have lost, how much damages you have cost and how much pain you continue to cause people. It is time to restore that broken relationship and get back the job you lost due to drug, sex, and theft or alcohol addiction.

It is really time to be ready for change, seek help and find out how you can make your life better by adapting to a new behavior. The first thing you need to do is to believe that you can change and once you make a decision to, do not be double-minded. There are times you will find it difficult and want to go back to the same habit, but have faith that you can change for sure.

Start by agreeing that you have a problem and that you have to change. You need to identify your addiction early before it damages your further, because when you are addicted to something and it worsen, quitting could take you longer than you think. You do not have to wait until it is too late when you can fix the problem right now.

Now that you have outlined the negative effects of the situation, you need to determine the positive things that can help you change to a better person in your life. Addiction is dangerous to your health, it can affect your relationship with your spouse, and you could lose your job in your company or worse lose a lover few days before your wedding. Making a list of changes that you would want reflected in your life will help you build your self-esteem as well as reputation.

The next thing you need to do is to find out how you can commit yourself to becoming a better person you always wanted to be. Write down a list of things you think can help you become someone better. You list should contain activities you can do to keep your mind and body engaged in a way that build your life in a positive way.

Talk to families, friends or colleagues at work and tell them you have decided to change. Ask them to recommend the best counselor who can help you quit the bad habits. It should be easy to become a better you in the end.

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