Sunday, August 31, 2014

Understanding Sickle Cell Anemia Prevention

By Harriet Porter

With the many health conditions today across the globe, it is essential to differentiate between the diseases that people acquire and those that people inherit. Of course, inheritable conditions are termed incurable, but accurate preventive measures are currently in place. Among many African-Americans, conditions such as sickle cell anemia are prevalent. Nevertheless, the modern sickle cell anemia prevention seminars and forums have reduced aggravation of this condition in a great way.

This is a condition, which has a direct effect on the red blood cells of a human being. This also means that they have an effect on the hemoglobin. This pigment usually carries the oxygen in the blood and transports it to different organs in the human body. Understanding these simple facts is a positive step towards ensuring that you get to lead a healthy life altogether.

People with such anemic conditions experience lack of enough oxygen in their body tissues due to various factors. In anemic condition, the red blood cells do not assume the normal disc shape. They instead have the shape of crescent moons or look like sickles. Crescent shaped red blood cells do not move in the right way in the blood capillaries. They eventually hinder smooth flow of blood in the body leading to less oxygen supply.

Once you discover that you have this condition, you should do a number of things to prevent its severe effects in your body. Firstly, you need to have positive attitude towards yourself and your lifestyle. You should not live in self-condemnation that denies you the chance to appreciate who you really are. This would positively influence your psychology and feed your thoughts with good things about you. This is crucial for the longevity of your lifespan and peace of mind.

You should also ensure that you do not experience excess exposure to cold. It is important to keep yourself warm always especially in cold seasons. You should have warmer cloths even when you are in air conditioned houses. Additionally, you should not swim in cold pools since cold is a predisposing agent to the development of cellular crisis in anemic condition.

Pregnant or expectant women with this anemic condition should adhere to earlier prenatal clinics and care units. This ensures that the life of both the child and the mother is safe. For you to achieve this, you need to talk to your personal doctor and share with them your fears and worries. They would be able to make your expectancy period healthier and promising.

Feeding should among the major preventive measures you take to fight this anemic condition. Doctors advise that you should concentrate more of greens, and fruits to increase your vitamin level in the body. Do not forget that your body needs vitamins to make more hemoglobin that your red blood cells should have.

Keep your fluids consumption rate up also and by fluids, it is to say warm water. This will help your body to build up on more blood in the body. Avoid alcohol and smoking if you want to be able to live a long and happy life. People who smoke and take alcohol excessively eventually suffer from anemic conditions.

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