Monday, August 25, 2014

Paramedic Reference Cards Life Saving Compassion

By Deanne Shepard

Life often has its own stream in which people create their own flow. However, when things go wrong it is good to know there are people trained to assist. Paramedic reference cards are part of the life saving training.

Finding an occupation that brings a sense of self-worth through helping others can sometimes bring more rewards than just financial. While the aim for most people is to get into an industry where work is in abundance and globally appreciated, it having the right type of personality that should determine the route.

Education costs a lot of money and with so many people often coming out of this institution in debt, it becomes vital to actually know that there is a chance for employment. That said it does not mean that you should think that the health industry is your ticket to freedom. You have to feel that this is right for you because you will be dealing with people who are vulnerable and so must have the personality to cater for this.

TV shows tend to give people the wrong impression where they think that it is about having a big ego and therefore patients are seen as mere customers. This view tends to lead to the health industry being criticized that they have individuals who lack the compassion that comes with this job. If you are thinking of becoming a health professional you need to assess your personality traits. When you lack compassion, this will show and most patients will voice their concerns to your employer.

Another essential trait to have is patience. People tend to become either hard or soft. The former is normally seen in people who have viewed the morality as some nuisance. These are individuals who are not used to having others take care of them. So they might resent you if you make them feel as though they have suddenly become impotent. Dealing with this type of personality requires certain tact so that you do not step on any toes and cause offence.

It might then make you feel like you are walking on egg shells or worse, a mine field where an explosion can happen anytime. If you do not have the strength of character you too might end up becoming offended because you feel that this type of personality lacks the humility to be grateful for the assistance. The soft personality is one who relishes being taken care of. They need constant attention and might stretch even a saint with their overwhelming need.

However, the compassionate personality tends to have an added dose of empathy put in. This helps them walk a mile in their patients shoes and are able to give them the type of treatment that is applicable to the personality they are working with.

Sadly, the health industry seems to be attracting more people who prefer to be there just to make money. This in turn has meant more health giving centers are being targeted due to the lack of basic compassion and empathy.

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