Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Services Offered By Medical Air Ambulance

By Tanisha Berg

These are special jets normally used to transport sick people to hospitals or health care facilities. They transport those patients who are in critical condition and they require medical attention urgently. They normally have some acre givers to give first aid or sometimes begin the treatment procedure while the patient is being transferred. They are mostly used during evacuation period like during floods, accidents or earthquakes. The medical air ambulance services have been of great importance because they save life and help reduce pain and agony for patients before they get to hospitals for specialized treatment.

Initially aircrafts and helicopters were not used for providing health care until when world war one broke. The idea expanded drastically after Vietnam and Korea conflicted. The first emergency aircraft used for providing health care was based at Denver in 1972. Wing aircrafts are available for transporting patients for a longer distance while helicopters are for shorter distances.

The good thing about these services is that they ensure patients get quality care from the scene of the incidence before they arrive to hospitals. These facilities have made it easy for care givers to easily access trauma areas in order to take appropriate measures. They arrive to scenes very fast unlike road transport that takes more time due to such factors like traffic jam. The mode of transport is convenient and patients get an opportunity to receive treatment before getting specialized attention.

Aircrafts and helicopters cannot be used everywhere. The crew depends on the ground responders who inform condition of a patient and whether it requires use of helicopter. Every member of a crew is entitled to receive thorough training to ensure patients survive. Quick response of both the ground responders and the crew can be effective in ensuring that patients are safe. There is no need of using helicopters especially if a patient is not in a critical condition because it is an expensive mode of transport.

Safety of crew and the victims of trauma is an important factor considered before using helicopters for rescue mission. The crew should consider the distance from the trauma scene to the closest trauma center before they decide to evacuate victims. Bad weather condition can also determine whether to use helicopters or not. Rescue mission can be cancelled or postponed if this crew does not feel comfortable with the mission.

It is however a risky way of transport even if it helps save lives. Number of crashes has increased hence scaring people not to use planes. Fatal crashes are caused by factors such as bad weather condition, flying at night and port crash fire. Aeronautic engineers should regularly fix mechanical problems of mission planes and choppers before they fly to avoid crashing.

They are used to move the sick from remote and inaccessible areas. Helicopters are also used to find missing people in deep forests and seas. They are also used to hunt down criminals since they are fast and can reach inaccessible areas.

Emergency helicopters and aircrafts are equipped with devices used for treating patients when being flown from the scenes of accident. Common gadgets found in rescue choppers are monitoring unit and health ventilators. The aircrafts are highly used in sparsely populated places inaccessible by road.

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