Sunday, August 10, 2014

Importance Of Adolescent Substance Abuse Evaluation

By Annabelle Holman

The rate at which teens are venturing into substance abuse today is quite alarming. Substance abuse among adolescents occurs between the ages of 12 years to 18 years. Some of these youths may or may not progress to be drug abusers or addicts but drug use is a very risky behavior. The negative consequences that follow can be quite devastating. This really calls for adolescent substance abuse evaluation among affected youths to reverse and treat the conditions in the addicted adolescents.

Teenage life stage comes with many changes and problems that if poorly monitored by parents and school counselors, it may progress to harmful vices in the society. Many parents are faced with difficulties in parenting teenagers who in most times never heed their parent advices. There may be heated arguments and fights when dealing with teenagers who are having hormonal changes and physical changes, which make them, feel mature.

Actually, their bodies may show this maturity but psychologically and emotionally, they may still be young. Most parents may fail to have the right skills to handle and control these teens. The teens fall into bad influences, which affect their academic performances and get into negative friendships. Mostly, they are tricked into drug abuse, immoral behaviors, and early sexual practices.

In teenagers, alcoholism and tobacco smoking are the most common forms of substance abuse. The teens can progress into illegal marijuana smoking, which they purchase from adult drug abusers who are eager to welcome them into drugs in a bid to earn from them. Due to the effects of these drugs, some may go on and try more harmful substance such as cocaine and heroin. These drugs affect their brain in a large way, and there are major consequences that result.

In academics, declining grades, absenteeism from school, and dropping out of school are the main results. There is also increased risk of suicide, accidents, and illnesses. There is a risk of them acquiring HIV AIDS when sharing drug injection equipment. Drug use among adolescents increases their engagement in sexual activities, which can lead to early pregnancies and transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

Others whose life becomes difficult, are mentally ill with severe depression, apathy, withdrawal problems, all of which put them at risks of committing suicide, murder trials, fights, and even injuring others. At home, peace is disturbed as they become aggressive even to their parents. They are constantly being arrested due to criminal activities, stealing, breaking into premises, and in the end, they end up in juvenile jails.

Major cause of drugs abuse among teens is negative peer influence. Aggressive parents may make teens depressed, something that drives them using drugs as their only solution. Poor parenting is another cause. In addition, financial problems may subject these teens into stress and they end up being drug abusers. Older sibling and parents who are substance abusers, may also be a bad influence to the growing teens.

The earlier one seeks help for their teens behavioral or drug problems, the better. Evaluation is done by physicians, psychiatrist, or psychologies. It involves a number of test and interviews to get to the root of the problems. They are treated, counseled, or referred to rehabilitation centers. The parent is also given tips on how to deal with their adolescent children.

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