Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hazards As A Result Of Medical Scams

By Dora Reed

Sometimes one can receive an email of some miracle tablets or any other type of medical cure that is said to offer incredible results. These tablets and cures are also placed in adverts promising results that one may not believe. This is how medical scams come about. Such frauds are usually health products as well as products related to medicine. These products and services are made to appear as if they are genuine form of substitute medicine.

Fraudsters will always lead a victim to believe that he or she will get a service or a product of the same quality. This will come at a lower price. Sometimes they indicate that the product or service has a miracle cure. Such products are said to cure ailments such as cancer, AIDS, arthritis, weight loss among others.

Medical frauds will involve illegitimate online pharmacies. Their products are sold at a lower price. Other drugs are sold without any prescription. Sometimes we can be sold the said products after ordering but we are not guaranteed that the product will function. Other drugs will affect our health negatively. We can buy a product at a lower price but suffer a great cost in the end of it all.

The challenge that you may force when purchasing a product online is the way this business operates. A seller can hide his or her identity. Your chances of getting a refund or tracing the seller are very low. The seller can also comprise you to give them your sensitive information. They can ask for your personal and financial details too. One can use such data to control your bank account. This is in raising funds as well as buying products from other sellers.

When faced with such frauds, we incur emotional as well as medical costs. More harm can occur. Sometimes we cannot determine what the drug contains. Also, to determining the impact the drug might have to our bodies. Furthermore, when we consume this drug we prevent our bodies from accessing the form of treatment that we are required. This can worsen our ailment. The medication can also react with our bodies negatively.

If a person acquires such a product, he or she can deal with the situation differently depending on the number of options available. This can include complaining to the website that retails the drug and seeking a refund. We should also maintain all evidences that we get from the transactions with the buyer.

In case you have paid for a drug, you are supposed to tell your bank. The bank shall cancel such a transaction and assure you of the safety of your money. If you have already consumed it, you must see a doctor for treatment.

Finally, we all have a choice to make, whether to purchase these products online or not to. We are however advised to take precautions. We should not send personal or financial details that are confidential. We should also not encourage direct bank transactions for our safety.

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