Sunday, August 31, 2014

Some Great Ideas For Underwater Games

By Harriet Porter

Now pool party is complete without a bunch of games for the kids to play in order to entertain themselves while they are there. Now the types of games that would really entertain the guests would be underwater games because these are both fun and challenging. So for those who would want to host an underwater game, here are some ideas to start out from.

Of course one of the most popular game among kids would be the diving for an object at the bottom of the pool. Now the objective of the game is to simply retrieve the item that was tossed into the pool before the others would. Since this is technically a race, the first one who gets the item and brings it to the surface wins.

Another great game to play would be who can hold his breath the longest. As the name implies, the rules would just be the winner who is able to hold his or her breath down under the pool the longest wins. Of course he or she would have to stay down there and not come up in order to be counted.

Now there is one challenging game wherein the participants would have to do a handstand. This is of course known as the underwater handstand contest and is somewhat based on the handstand that the synchronized swimmers would be doing when they are doing their routines. Of course the winner will be the participant who is able to do the handstand the longest.

Now probably a lot of people would know about the game that is known as underwater tag. Of course most kids would be familiar with the popular game that is known as tag wherein one person is an it and he has to run after the others in the game. When the it tags another person, then that person becomes the it provided he does not reach the safe zone.

Now the rules for this version would actually be the same as the original tag but this time the participants will be playing in the pool. Instead of running, the participants would have to be swimming and diving under the water in order to get away from the it. Of course there would also be a designated safe zone for the escapees.

Now the final game on the list is treasure hunter. Now treasure hunter is basically about finding certain items at the bottom of the pool that have a certain number of points attached to them. The objective is to gather as many of these items as possible and try to rack up the highest number of points to become the winner.

So as one can see, there are so many games that guests of a pool party can play. Now since these activities are both fun and challenging, the guests will definitely not get bored the whole time. They will also get tired fast and there be very satisfied with the experience.

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