Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Auto Accident Injury Sufferers Find Natural Pain Relief With Fargo Chiropractic Care

By Cody Rine

Whiplash is one of many injuries that can happen in a car accident. Although not as serious as, for example, a concussion, it can be extremely painful. In most cases it is only a temporary condition. There may be pain in other parts of the spinal column. Fortunately, there is pain alleviation available at the office of a prominent Fargo Chiropractor.

Whiplash can happen in a slow-moving rear-end collision. The head is whipped backward and forward in rapid succession. It moves beyond the normal extensions causing damage. Pain is felt in your neck, the back and sometimes the arms. Women are more susceptible due to the fact that they have weaker neck muscles.

After such a collision, it may take six to twelve hours for the pain to become evident. It can take days in some cases. A head injury, concussion for example, can also be present.

The lower back may hurt also. Temperomandibular joint pain is common along with a limited range of motion. Headaches, vertigo and impaired vision may occur temporarily. There might be numbness in the shoulders, arms and sometimes in the legs.

The neck collar used to immobilize the head should only be worn for a brief time. It has been found to impede the healing process when worn for a long time. Similar findings are true in the case of extended bed rest. It is more beneficial to take part in as much activity as possible.

Chiropractic care can provide the accident victim with pain alleviation. A full evaluation of your condition will be made during the first office visit. The neck will be palpated to locate the swelling and any tender spots. Range of motion tests measure how far the head can be turned from side to side.

In many instances an x-ray will be required to assist in an assessment. A care plan will be set into motion depending on the findings. It may include a series of gentle adjustments. Cold compresses, followed by heat applications, massage and acupuncture are other possible additions to the care plan.

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