Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Essential Knoxville Athletic Injury Safety Tips

By Samital Leah Zerna

Sports injuries affecting the muscles, joints, spine and neck are very common, especially considering that all sports carry an inherent risk of injury to varying degrees. It is always a good idea to follow some fundamental athletic injury safety tips for preventing or managing sports related injuries, offered by a Knoxville chiropractor.

Every sporting activity should be accompanied by proper body conditioning, with warm ups and stretches performed before playing, and a cool down afterwards. This should be included as part of your regular routine as it will greatly help in the prevention of sporting relating injuries, as well as speeding up the recovery of any existing ones.

If you do sustain a minor sprain or strain, it is recommended that you apply "rest, ice, compression, elevation" to the injury. Use an ice pack to the injured area and hold it there until swelling is reduced. However, do not apply the ice pack for more than 20 minutes continuously, or further swelling and injury will result. If the swelling persists, seek help from your general practitioner.

Highly competitive sports pose the highest risk, especially for children. Such sports include football, soccer, wrestling and gymnastics. To help avoid injury, make sure the sport activity level is appropriate for the child's size and age, and that they wear the proper safety equipment. Ensure they are getting enough rest, and that they always perform the proper warm up and conditioning exercises before each sport.

Proper diet and nutrition should never be overlooked as a part of good health and sports injury prevention. Minimize all fatty and fried foods as much as possible, and never overeat foods high in sugar. Drinking up to 10 glasses of water daily is an essential part of staying healthy, so always keep well hydrated.

To avoid painful injuries while playing sports, always adhere to the right rules and techniques. Physical injury to the neck and lower back are commonly associated with sports. Remember that any repetitive activity, like in running or weightlifting, adds strain to the lower back, whereas neck and head injuries are more commonly the result of contact sports like football.

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