Monday, August 18, 2014

What One Would Learn From West Chester Swim Lessons

By Linda Ruiz

Swimming is one of the most important things to learn as it would already involve the safety of the individual. Now the thing about swimming is that it may save the life of a person if he would find himself in a deep end of a river or a sea and the only way to save himself would be to propel himself forward. Of course in order to learn to swim the proper way, one would have to have west chester swim lessons.

Now when one would start out his classes, he will first be learning the proper way to breathe in water. Now if one would want to breathe properly in the water, he has to forget about how he breathes on the surface. Now the way to breathe when in the water would be to of course take in oxygen with the nose and then breathe out with the mouth.

Once he has already gotten the breathing down, then he has to now learn the proper way to float in the water. This is actually one of the most important lessons of all time because without learning how to float, one will not be able to learn how to swim. Now one of the ways to be able to float would be to assume a gliding position where the body leans forward a bit.

Now from this position, one would now learn how to do a gliding stroke which will allow him to propel himself forward. Now for those who do not know, this stroke is the stroke wherein one would push himself forward and just glide through the pool. In order to do this move, one has to first push his feet against the wall and just propel himself.

After learning the gliding stroke, the very next thing that one should learn would be the kick. The kick is extremely important because it is actually the easiest way to be able to move forward in the pool. Now in order to do this move, one has to first lie on his stomach then kick the water continuously starting with the right foot then the left.

When one has already learned the kick, then one would now have to learn the freestyle. Basically, to do this, one will just perform the kick. The only difference here would be that one would be moving his hands in a slicing motion in order to move forward.

Now the next move that one would learn now would be the dog crawl which is very useful if one finds himself in a situation where he has to save himself. In order to do the dog crawl, one has to kick his feet continuously under water and scoop his hands downward alternately as well. By doing this, he can quickly reach a part that has land.

So as one can see, there are so many things that one will be learning when he takes up lessons. However, these moves are only a part of the tip of the iceberg as there are many more strokes to learn. He will be learning all the advanced strokes in the more advanced lessons.

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