Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Male Weight Loss

By Sammy Ason

Male weight loss is said to be different than female weight loss. That is because the male body has unique characteristics that set it apart from the female body. What this means is that although both sexes can lose weight if they choose, males have a slight advantage in this arena. This should not discourage females from attempting to lose weight since it is achievable regardless of any differences.

What sets the male body apart from the female body in the weight loss arena is muscle. Males tend to be naturally leaner than women in that their bodies are prone to develop muscle during the development stages. Again, women also have muscle on their bodies, but males are more likely to develop it and have an increase in muscle mass.

The reason why muscle mass is more prominent in males is due to testosterone. This male hormone is found in high levels in males, while remaining at low levels in females. This male hormone is responsible for a number of tasks. Among them, creating muscle tissue within the body. Muscle in turn, burns off fat, and the more you have, the learner you become. This is why males are able to lose weight quicker than females.

Men should eat more protein-rich foods such as lean meat, poultry, and legumes to increase muscle mass. This allows the body to more effectively reduce the proportion of fat to lean mass. For male fat loss to occur more quickly, exercise should comprise the main foundation in any plans that are made. Exercise can take many forms and is not limited to spending hours in the gym.

To become fit and lean, a variety of physical activities should be on your fat loss checklist. Playing sports and keeping active can accelerate weight loss. Bonus benefits of exerting your body is added strength and stamina. Other activities such as running or riding a bike can also have the same effect, while being fun at the same time.

Even though sports are effective, the number one choice activity for fat loss, is lifting weights. This, by far is the best solution for building muscle. Exercising requires more dedication and patience. Results don't appear overnight, but once you lift weights regularly, you will notice a difference in how your look. Overall, it is much easier to burn fat for men than women, for these obvious reasons. Still, anyone can reach their goals no matter what their gender is. All that is needed is a will to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

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