Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Necessity Of Owning Disaster Preparedness Kits

By Annabelle Holman

Disasters can strike at any moment with little warning. Basic disaster preparedness kits contain the supplies necessary to immediately sustain oneself in event of such an emergency for a minimum of three days. A kit like this has to be put together in such a way as to be easily carried and thought must have gone into organization so that all items are easily accessible.

Many people think it is far preferable to assemble their own kit rather than buying one. There are certain advantages to assembling your own such as being able to purchase the best quality items at the best prices. You can also organize them carefully so as to access them as easily as possible.

Fortunately it is possible to purchase such a kit and there are many online stores offering such items. The Red Cross recommends that enough supplies need to be included in a basic kit to meet needs for at least 72 hours. Most of those available for purchase are designed according to this recommendation.

Some customers complain that the items included in bought ones are not of good quality and that they could have assembled a better one themselves. This is why purchasing from a reputable supplier is important. They often have experience when it comes to what it should contain and how best to organize supplies. They may even have made modifications to their products through the years due to suggestions by customers.

Basic supplies should be contained in a sturdy bag that is comfortable to carry. You do not need to be overburdened when on the move. On the other hand, certain essentials must be included for the kit to effectively sustain life.

Foodstuffs included need to provide energy and must be non-perishable. They should be contained in sealed, air tight containers. Water is even more essential than food and it may be included in pouches. Other needs that should be addressed or warmth, light and shelter. Items like lightweight tents, heat blankets and flashlights can address these needs.

Some individuals prefer one that contains more than just essentials for surviving for a short period. Items like basic tools such as knives, ropes and axes, cooking utensils and other personal and first aid items may be included. The most comprehensive ones contain anything from water filters and cooking gear to solar panels, enabling one to live off the land for as long as necessary.

Some personal items will need to be added to the basic kit. One should include important personal documents, some cash and any prescription medications. These should be placed in watertight containers. Any kit will need to be examined on a regular basis to make sure one can just grab it and go. Some supplies that have passed their expiry date may need to be replaced from time to time.

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