Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Preventing Sickle Cell Anemia For A Healthy Living

By Tanisha Berg

Up to now, sickle cell anemia has been difficult to prevent. Complications can be reduced to individuals who are born diagnosed with the disease. To do this, certain steps must be employed. The disease happens to be a common type of sickle cell ailment which is a severe disorder making the red blood cells form sickle shapes. They are in the shape of a crescent. Preventing sickle cell anemia is not an easy task to doctors and specialists. This however has not stopped efforts to curb this ailment.

Genetic counseling is recommended to people who bear a high chance of giving birth to children with this disease at some point in their lives. They are offered the explanation of the likelihood of bearing a child with this ailment. A way forward is given by the specialists who in this case are the counselors. They play an important role in handling this disease.

Information regarding genetic counseling should be attained from health departments, medical centers, nearby health centers and clinics offering services to people with this particular disorder. With adequate health care people with this disease have been able to live productive lives. Nowadays, victims are reasonably in good health much of the time and living a longer life compared to the past.

The diagnosed persons are advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Adapting to healthy lives is vital and the victims should base their living to that. To attain the best lifestyle habit, one need to check on his or her diet, it should be healthy. Taking of vegetables and fruits should be regular. The daily products having low fat, proteins and whole grains are ideal.

Making of new red blood cells is aided by taking folic acid regularly. This is a recommendation given mostly by doctors to try and minimize on the effects of this disease. If you are living in warm areas, the doctor may recommend taking several glasses of water. The water will help in reducing dehydration which comes, as a result, of reduced or no adequate fluids. Physical activities are again important to help keep fit. Fatigue should however be avoided.

In terms of rest, an individual should have enough of it especially sleep. If you have sleep problems, like snoring, inform your doctor. There are other disorders associated with sleep such as sleep apnea. It is a disorder in which you experience shallow breaths or pauses in breathing when sleeping.

There is certain crisis of this disease that happen to be very painful. Apart from the healthy lifestyle habits adopted, some vital steps should be taken in order to aid prevent and control such occurrences. The pain will be easy to manage once you are aware of how to control these factors. Much cold and heat should not be encouraged. One should wear warm clothes if exposed to cold and again use air conditioners in enclosed rooms.

To conclude, tasks that require more physical labor should be avoided. This is because they expose diagnosed individuals to much heat or cold. In the case of using airplanes, ensure that the cabin is pressurized. Always consult the doctor taking care of you on how to effectively protect yourself

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