Friday, November 29, 2013

A Look At The Musto Fleece Church Functions And Factors Affecting It

By Bonnie Contreras

There are four main religions all over the world. These are; Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism. They all have their special houses of worship. For instance, Muslims use mosques while Christians use the church. Musto fleece leaders argues that they are not just buildings as most people may view them since they have special purposes.

Religion has come out to be one other distinctive feature within different peoples of the world. There is Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism in different parts of the world though there are heathens who neither follow any religion nor believe in the existence of any supreme being. However the richest religions in terms of followers is Christianity and Islam. They have more than two thirds of the world population.

This house believed to be the temple of God is used to teach morals to the society. This is all to do with how people relate with each other. People cannot commit crimes like adultery and murder because they are against Christianity.

They are also special places to find solace. They console the souls of the people who are stressed in life and feel like they should let it go in life. It reminds them that God is there for them always.

However, some people go to this place so that they can find solace. This is because it is viewed as the place of comfort; free from any danger, and full of peace. Life has got a lot of stress especially the current competition which the fittest are getting it hard to survive. To get the consolation, they go to this place.

The church teaches morals in the society. Christians are taught to respect themselves and others, as well as love in the same basis. This is to avoid cases of wrongs and crimes in the society. A strong Christian based society can hardly face cases of criminology like rape, robbery with violence, and murder. This works hand in hand with the laws of the country. The laws of the bible blended with the laws of the country can transform the society.

Another factor that is pulling the church by the leg is the division that happened many years ago. Christians now do not have a common view of things. There are now Catholics who are the main ones, and they worship on Sundays all over the world. There is also a common group that worship on Saturdays, and they are called Protestants or the Seventh Day Adventists. There are many other small groups and since they are differing in the way they interpret the bible, it leaves Christians at cross roads on what to believe and what not to believe.

The only drawback in the church today is the internal and external wrangles that never started today but long time ago. Separations do exist whereby Catholics try to view things differently and Protestants who are the Seventh Day Adventists also view things their way. All in all, musto fleece preachers say there is only one God. People should respect the temple of God.

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