Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Physical Therapist Columbia SC Plays A Key Role In Rehabilitation

By Leslie Griffith

Physiotherapy or physical therapy is a profession that aims to assess, diagnose and treat mobility problems through manual therapy. The professional who provides physiotherapy treatments is known as a physiotherapist. By utilizing the services of a skilled physical therapist Columbia SC inhabitants can have their disabilities, functional limitations and impairments examined, evaluated, diagnosed and treated.

Physiotherapists do many things to provide care for patients who have mobility problems resulting from bone strain and pain, fractures, neck and back injuries, arthritis, amputations, burns, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis among other conditions. A physiotherapist evaluates the condition of a patient and studies his or her past and present medical records. This professional also considers the recommendations of a physician to develop a therapy program for a patient.

A physiotherapist may develop a program that includes exercises that a patient should perform in order to improve his or her muscle strength, range of motion, motor skills, coordination and endurance. This healthcare professional also assists patients perform specific exercises. Physiotherapists may also utilize electrotherapeutic modalities, functional training, manual therapy techniques, stretching maneuvers and specialized equipment to ease pain and increase the ability of patients to move.

Physiotherapists may have a doctorate, bachelors or masters degree in physiotherapy. Their aim is to restore mobility in individuals who have problems moving various parts of their body due to pain caused by injuries, disabilities or different kinds of ailments. Physiotherapists can treat individuals who have acute or chronic pain.

Generally, physiotherapists provide their services in hospitals, outpatient clinics, nursing homes and private offices that are well equipped. These professionals offer consultation on a permanent or temporary basis. In these modern times, elderly people are remaining active and this contributes to the demand for physiotherapist services.

If you are an elderly person suffering from a number of setbacks or ailments, you can visit a physiotherapist and receive treatment that will enable you to start living normally. Patients who have suffered injuries can also get rehabilitated by these professionals. Physiotherapists also help patients avoid losing mobility by creating fitness and wellness oriented programs.

A physiotherapist may choose to specialize in pediatric, geriatric, sports, orthopedic, clinical electrophysiology or cardiovascular physiotherapy among other specializations. This professional works alongside other medial professionals such as physicians and occupational therapists to treat patients. Selecting a reputable physiotherapist is essential because your recovery depends on how skilled this professional is and the treatment options that he or she will use.

As they look for a physical therapist Columbia SC residents should consider the qualifications and experience of the professional. They should also make sure that the professional is licensed to practice in South Carolina. After choosing a physiotherapist, residents of this city should set up an appointment with the professional and inquire about the kind of treatment he or she will use, how much he or she will charge and if his or her working hours are flexible. They should also find out what the professional expects from them after the appointment.

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