Monday, November 18, 2013

Various Facts About The Nervous System

By Jack Morgan

The enteric nervous system is actually a secondly brain that many people never ever knew they had. While it has not been scientifically proven and studied up until fairly lately, we have all had the experience of experiencing certain gut feelings with regards to a situation or of having butterflies in the stomach when we are nervous about something.

However, although these feelings, in addition to various digestive symptoms, accustomed to not be taken too really, we are now discovering that the cells and tissues in our stomach actually do have "a mind of their own" so we should begin taking its communications more seriously.

We already said that nervous system is the most complicated system of human body and you can easily believe on this statement with this simple fact that human brain contain more cells than all the stars of milky way and only human brain has more than 100 million neuron in it. It is also interesting to know that we can make a 600 miles long row just by aligning the neurons of one human body and out of all these neurons 13, 500,00 neurons are available in spinal cord of human only.

Earthworms actually have dual nerve cords that run along the length of their body and come together at the tail and mouth. Sponges that live in the bottom of the ocean have no nervous systems. A new born baby's brain will grow almost three times more in the course of its first year. As we grow older in life, our brains lose about a gram of weight a year.

A spinal chord in a human contains a cluster of nerves at the base of the spine that are the most sensitive to damage. There are many neurons located in the human brain as there are stars located in the Milky Way galaxy. If you lined up all the neurons cells that exist in your body it would form a line that is 600 miles long.

There are 13,500,000 neuron cells in the human spinal chord. Half of a new born baby's nerve cells are lost before they are born. 25,000 square centimeters equals the square surface of the human brain. Neurons are actually some of the largest cells in the human body.

The reason why this receives it's own category is because bone marrow is actually one of the more awesome and important part of the bones. You see, many bones are in fact hollow, this makes the bone strong, and very light; in the bone is where red blood flow cells and white blood flow cells are produced; so your bone make blood, and are vital to the white blood cells, which of course helps with your immune system.

It's kind of amazing to think that blood arises from your bones right? Other interesting facts is that human beings have as many bones inside their neck as giraffes, it's just giraffes have lengthier vertebrae, and contrary to well-liked belief, 97% of organisms on this earth will not utilize bones or bone fragments structure! These are just some of the more amazing details of your body!

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