Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Valuable Information About El Paso Pediatrics

By Sonya Riley

Caring for children is a very interesting yet challenging task to both the parents and health workers. Knowledge on child care is therefore very essential as it improves the ability to interact well with young ones. The study of welfare of children is known as El Paso pediatrics. The course takes more than four years as compared to other courses such as clinical medicine which takes two years.

Nursing young children is more complicated than giving attention to grown-ups. Contrary to the babies who do not understand themselves mature people are able to explain symptoms in their bodies. This however does not mean that they are not attended to in hospitals. A special unit under the children care offers treatment to the teenagers.

Transfer of some diseases from the parents to the offspring is common. It is therefore advisable for the health of the parents to be scrutinized before treating the child. Social, mental and physical health of the child is attributed to good care from infancy to teenage age.

Every hospital usually has doctors who treat general diseases. Children can therefore be treated by general doctors although adequate care and maintenance may not be achieved. General health workers have limited knowledge on well being of children. It is therefore advisable to obtain adequate care from qualified personnel.

There are different sub specialties in children care. One of them is neurophysiology which normally deals with full understanding of children's brain. The branch is normally applicable in cases of brain damage, learning difficulty or congenital disorder. In consultation with other specialists, neuropsychologists may treat such diseases with less difficulty. Neuropsychologists are normally found in schools and hospitals because attention of children is core in such areas. Play and creativity of a child is enhanced in neurology this will help the child to be active and socially upright.

Sometimes, physical growth and development of the child becomes retarded. These might be due to hormonal problems which are either hereditary or developed due to environmental changes. A branch of child care which deals with growth disorders is known as endocrinology. Health practitioners known as endocrinologists are able to diagnose and treat every growth ailment. They are also specialized in detecting high and low blood sugar in children.

Respiratory therapists attend to children with breathing problems and chest infections. A branch of medicine which deals with pulmonary infections is known as pulmonology. Children with breathing abnormalities may be checked by use of a special machine which has the ability to magnify whizzing chest sounds. Manual examination may also be done by a pulmonologist who may discover suggestive symptoms in the child. These include numbing hands and shivering when it is hot.

Taking good care of the children is not an option but a necessity. This will minimize mortality rate and ensure that growth rate of the country is balanced. Welfare of kids who have been orphaned is also essential since they have right to life. Medical practitioners usually monitor development process of the babies to avoid severe diseases which may occur due to irresponsible care. It is therefore a paramount task to take care of the young generation and this is best achieved by the study of El Paso pediatrics.

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