Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Quickly Restore Your Waistline With A Dallas Tummy Tuck

By Griselda Zernan Albao

Cosmetic surgery performed on the abdomen, popularly known as a tummy tuck, is a way to firm and smooth this aesthetically important area of the body. Many patients are dissatisfied with their abdominal region, particularly if it has become misshapen after weight loss or pregnancy. When seeking Abdominoplasty Dallas residents will find there are many competent surgeons who are familiar with this procedure.

The procedure involves the removal of excess fat and/or skin from the abdomen, and can also include tightening of the abdominal muscles. Muscles in this region of the body can lose their shape after pregnancy, and can result in a larger-looking belly. Stretch marks are another pregnancy side-effect that can be improved with abdominal surgery.

The recovery time needed will vary from patient to patient, and will depend upon their overall health. As a general rule, patients can return to work seven to twenty-one days after surgery. More taxing activities must be avoided for perhaps a month or more.

Numbness, swelling and bruising are some of the post-operative side-effects one can expect. Swelling and numbness can persist over several months, but bruising will fade after a few weeks. It should be noted that incision marks are permanent, but will certainly fade after a few months.

The enhancements from surgery will usually last for many years. That said, female patients should be aware that if they become pregnant, this may impair their gains from surgery. Patients of both sexes must also realise that significant weight gain can also lead to a loss of their gains. Patients should therefore give thorough consideration to their plans and lifestyle.

Abdominal surgery is generally a very safe, long-standing technique, and serious complications are rare. Conscientious surgeons will explain to each patient the risks involved in order that he or she can make a balanced judgement about whether to proceed or not. Overall, when considering abdominoplasty Dallas residents can expect to undergo a successful, relatively pain-free procedure.

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