Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Perfect All Round Exercise Machine

By Kennith Hein

Doctors and physical therapists both agree that cardiovascular exercise is essential in maintaining a healthy body and happy mind. They say that by partaking in just 30 minutes of cardio exercise every day for 5 days per week we can dramatically improve both the health of our bodies and the balance in our minds.

It is true to say that in the modern world the time constraints placed upon us by our careers and general lives is giving us less time to exercise. This essential activity is neglected and we are becoming unhealthy as a result of it. Cardio exercise is usually low on our list of priorities and this is having a negative impact on our bodies and brains. This is why having a piece of exercise equipment like the Proform Elliptical is essential for our health.

Exercise release endorphins into our blood stream. Endorphins are one of nature's happy hormones and a healthy balance is fundamental to our general mood. Exercise is proven to make people happier. And, of course, cardio is a great way to stay physically fit will helping to lose excess weight. Regular exercise improves the health of our lungs and our hearts; it reduces stress, leads to more energy and a healthier sleep. In essence just thirty minutes of cardio per day will leave you looking and feeling great. You will live longer and be happier.

Many millions of people spend their daily working lives relatively immobile. Jobs that involve a lot of sitting down and typing etc are making us unhealthy. Your body has evolved to be moving for prolonged periods of the day. Performing a task which keeps you relatively stationary is negative for your health.

People regularly return from work feeling exhausted with aching muscles and bones. Your body has had little physical exercise yet you feel tired and unhappy. This is because you have been causing stress to your muscles and bones by sitting in uncomfortable and unnatural positions for prolonged periods of the day.

Owning a piece of exercise equipment in your home takes away the pressures of having to get to the gym and the Proform Elliptical is an excellent all round exercise machine. It imitates the movement of running, jogging or walking without the impact to the joints that can cause so many problems.

The adjustable resistance setting allows to you to decide the intensity of your workout and the adjustable stride length means that you can choose which muscle groups to work on any given day. The Proform Elliptical even has arm bars that allow you to work your arm muscles.

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