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Learn More About Pediatric Physical Exam

By Katrina Wheeler

Pediatric physical exam refers to a method of examining the bodies of young children. It refers to a clinical method for trying to find any problem which a child may be having. It gets used by all health practitioners in their different practices.

Children usually have various conditions which they may suffer from. The disorders are many. They greatly differ from child to another. This is because they are brought up within different environments. They also are born by mothers that had different encounters within their respective pregnancies.

The different diseases that children usually suffer from can be broadly classified into two major groups. The groups are congenital and acquired. Congenital disorders are the disorders that they acquire before they are born. It means that they acquire them while still developing within the wombs of their mothers.

They acquired disorders are got after a person is born. This occurs because after a child is born, he or she is exposed to different things in the environment. Some of the things can be infectious while others traumatic. Moreover, others can also be caused by trauma. Some many others are due to malignancies.

There are variable conditions which contribute to congenital illnesses amongst children. Some of those factors constitute genetic conditions, infectious conditions and diseases that influence their mums during pregnancy. Genetic conditions contribute to illnesses that might be inherited from a family to another.

It is vital to note that every child can suffer various diseases that influence children. Some of these can be very obvious. This shows that they may be easily noticed. Nonetheless, others are not readily noticed. Therefore, a lot has to be executed for you to become in a position of picking them out.

The only main means to be capable of picking out the different conditions which affect children is through clinically examining them. This method of assessment involves intense evaluation of all the body parts of the child. It greatly aids in finding out every deformity or abnormality.

Examination of children differs from examination of adult people. It is because children can cry easily. Consequently, evaluating them becomes challenging.

The examination involves head to toe. This means that all the systems must be thoroughly examined. The different systems of the body include central nervous system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, skin, gastroinstestinal system and urogenital system.

Every system is thoroughly examined. All the findings are clearly recorded. All the systems are equally examined in children. This is different from adults in which attention is paid more to the affected system.

Examination of children needs gentleness and friendliness. That helps kids to be relaxed and comfortable. This subsequently eases the examination process.

The parents or guardians of these children should be also present during this process of examination. It is important since it makes them get relaxed. It further reduces anxiety.

Pediatric physical exam is an important process. It helps for making diagnosis for various diseases in children. It therefore should be done with great care, keenness, gentleness as well as kindness.

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