Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Signs That Your Green Coffee Extract Is Of Great Quality

By Ara Stittsworth

With the kind of eating habits people have today, it's not surprising why so many people are also at the obese weight level. And when it comes to weight issues, people are always looking for shortcuts in getting the shape they've been dreaming of. In the weight loss department, green coffee has been making waves all over the internet. But why should you care to buy green coffee extract in the first place?

While you may think that it is the caffeine that helps trigger weight-loss in your body, the truth is that it has to do with something else, and it is a substance called chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is also known as green coffee antioxidant (GCA) and it has the ability to influence a person's metabolism and the absorption of glucose. It is known to give the feeling of fullness and provide stable energy levels.

Green coffee beans are not really a new breed of coffee but are simply coffee beans that did not undergo roasting. When unroasted, the beans have the highest level of fat-busting chlorogenic acid. According to the independent study by Dr. Oz on several individuals, there was an average of 2 pounds lost per week after taking supplements made from green coffee extract.

If are looking to buy green coffee extract supplements, one important factor to consider is the percentage of chlorogenic acid it contains. Based on the study conducted by Dr. Oz, the chlorogenic acid content should be no lower than 45 percent. Keep in mind that Dr. Oz did not recommend any particular brand, so any product claiming so should be avoided completely.

You must also carefully check the labeling before you buy green coffee extract. There must be a listing of ingredients used in the manufacturing of the product and there must not be any trace of fillers, additives, or artificial preservatives. Keep in mind that there are some manufacturers claiming that their product is made from pure green coffee even though it's not. It is still best to purchase reputable brands.

You should also check the dosage - it must be no less than 400mg per serving. You may also find products that provide as much as 800mg per serving. In taking this supplement, it is usually recommended that you take it about 30 minutes before your main meals. Staying hydrated is also critical here and you must drink plenty of water for optimal weight loss.

In case you are pregnant or a breast-feeding mother, you should not buy green coffee extract since no research has been conducted that will verify its safety. Those below 18 years of age are also advised against taking it. If you really want to minimize the risk on your part, always make it a point to consult your doctor before trying any type of supplements.

Even though it would sound nice to simply buy green coffee extract and consume it regularly to lose weight instantly, you shouldn't depend on it completely. Keep in mind that there is still no substitute for having a balanced diet and regular exercise. The best way to lose weight and keep it off for the long term is by having discipline with your eating and exercise habits.

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