Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Weight Lifting Program Professional Trainers Use

By Emmanuel Palmer

Creating a body worthy of an Olympic champion is the offshoot of a solid weight lifting program that transforms the body?s weight to massive muscles and strength. What makes the bodybuilding workouts that comprise it effective? These workouts are always intense, progressive and specific to your body type.

High-intensity training works well for people who are aiming to gain significant body mass in a relatively short time. Some might prefer to build up on strength and endurance over a period of two to three months which is also fine. You will probably need a hybrid of the two methods; find the best one suited for your body. What is important is you give each session your all.

Even if you are in a hurry to get big, refrain from the urge to train every single day for a few weeks?this will do you more harm than good. You need to get quality sleep between the days you workout so your body can repair the muscle tissues torn during exercise. With proper rest, these will develop into bigger and much stronger muscles. An effective strategy is to split your weight lifting program into muscle groups that you can work on specific days.

This is an example of a three day split workout: Day one ? chest, arms and abs Day two ? back, shoulders and abs Day three ? legs Another example is a five day split workout: Day one ? legs Day two ? shoulders Day three ? back and abs Day four ? shoulders and arms Day five ? chest and abs Make sure you get a lot of good food and rest especially in the days between your training.

You can use many kinds of exercises for different muscle groups. Squats for the legs and crunches for the stomach are some of the best ones that will always work for people. Even so, make sure you change them up every week or so to keep your body guessing, pushing it to its physical endurance limits. Fancy machines are fine but even without them you can train effectively. If all you have are dumbbells, cables and a bench; you already have a repertoire of workouts at your disposal. Some of these are bicep curls, dumbbell shrugs, bench press, triceps kickbacks for the upper body; and lunges, leg raises, squats and crunches for the lower body.

When you begin to train, you will be starting with lesser weights and perhaps a higher number of repetitions. Gradually increase the weights so the muscle is stressed and stimulates accelerated growth. If you are training for bodybuilding purposes, use weights that give you a maximum of 7 to 12 reps until failure.

And last but not the least, take the time to stretch well before you begin your workout and also between sets. This increases your flexibility and increases you body temperature?optimal conditions for a good training session.

Bodybuilding workouts only work if it is done faithfully and properly person who will see his program to the end. Be careful while you exercise; but always give it your very best. For the champion in you, less than the best is not an option anyway.

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