Friday, November 15, 2013

Bulging Disc In The Neck: Brown Sequard Syndrome

By Jack Morgan

Bulging disc is a spine related condition that cause intervertebral to weaken & shifts out its normal parameter as a result of constant pressure. Throughout an individual's lifetime, the discs go through wear & tear a lot. As a person gets old, these discs lose fluid and become less flexible & more vulnerable to stress and other factors such as excess weight, smoking, degenerative diseases, poor pastures just to mention a few. Over time, degeneration starts to occur & the ability of the spine to absorb shock weakens.

If bulging discs occur in the upper part of your spine, you may suffer from neck pain. If this pain become severe, it is advisable to consider some form of relief. This will avoid serious thing such as surgery on your back. Simple precaution such as changing the way you sleep can help you get relief from a herniated disc. In addition, you can also try different exercises that help to relief back pain. Through these methods, ruptured discs can be quickly & easily cured. Therefore, you will be happy to get relief from bulging disc that cause pain on your neck.

Furthermore, old age is also one of the causes since as one ages, the body joints are put under strain and later the neck discs may lose water and become ineffective as cushions to the joints. Poor posture and bad sleeping habits are also considered as minor causes.

Accidents cause injury to a disc due to substantial impact on the spine. The disc gets weaker; its wall gets depleted, causing it to protrude outwards from the vertebrae. The disc may also slip due to aging of the body. However, it does not mean that as one grows old, their spinal discs bulge, this is caused by being worn and torn.

Learning few simple stretches can also help you a lot to treat bulging neck in your neck. These types of exercises will help to bring your back & neck into the alignment. Workouts that include bending your back and reaching high things above your head can help you get rid of neck pain.

Conservative treatment involves giving the patient physical exercises in order to fade away the symptoms. They include bed rest, stretching exercises, and physical therapy. Physical therapy could be keeping the legs elevated while sleeping, avoidance of wearing high heeled shoes etc. Another method is the epidural injection where steroids are injected in to the nerves to alleviate the pain.

Intense neck and shoulder pain is a result of a pinched nerve. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you have put these discs into place. There are various medications that will strengthen muscles around your neck. Normally, this can be done by injecting steroid in the infected area & also boosting the ability of your muscles to do their job. The results may be after a few weeks but they are long lasting and sometimes permanent.

To conclude, the more you research & understand potential cures, the higher the chances that you will reduce or get rid completely of this condition. It's also important to ensure that you have visited your doctor if pain persists over time and there are no signs of improvement.

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