Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Inflatable Tunnels Are Great For Business And Entertainment

By Georgia Diaz

Giant inflatable tunnels can often be seen at sporting events, because they are a form of business branding. They can be placed right over the road, in the case of a cycling event, for example, or at the entrance of the field when there is a football match. Inflatables are also used as a form of entertainment for children, and come in many strange and wonderful forms that are perfect for birthday parties or at charity events, school fetes etc.

A business that supplies inflatables to companies could make excellent profit. You could also choose to supply blow-up castles, slides, houses, boats and other items for children. Either way, you will surely have a lot of fun running your business, as many people are always looking for ways to brighten up a party or venue, and they often choose to hire inflatables. A business like this will rent inflatables for a certain price, and will be expected to set up the hired items at the events.

Most people will rent inflatables for events happening on Saturdays or Sundays. Someone that hires the items will therefore need to be available on these days. The owner of the business usually does not have to stay and supervise the use of the item, but should be back to take it down again when the event has ended. Weekly work will include promotions and reservations.

Like any business, one that hires inflatables is not necessarily cheap to begin. A good variety of stock will need to be bought, and items that have a trademark are usually quite costly. Inflatables that are well made may be more expensive, but they will have a longer lifespan.

Renting inflatables for entertainment purposes is just one side of the business. You could also sell arches to companies that want to use them for advertising purposes. These arches come in all shapes and sizes, and are branded with the company's name. The colors associated with the company will be used for the arch as well.

For any business, inflatables can be an invaluable promotional tool, as they can easily be used in places where many people will see them. Their large size attracts plenty of attention, and they are very quick and easy to set up. Sports arches can be blown up in less than ten minutes. A business can customize their design, and won't wait long for it to be made.

Inflatables are usually manufactured from man-made fabrics, such as nylon, and are waterproof. This means that they can be quite safely left outside in a drizzle without risk of damage, or leakage. More aggressive storms, however, should be avoided. When inflatables have been out in the rain, they should be hung to dry before they are folded for storage, otherwise mildew could be a problem.

Inflatable tunnels can withstand light snowfalls as well. However, they should not be left outside in temperatures under minus fourteen degrees Fahrenheit, which is just below freezing point. Inflatables can also be repaired if they get a hole, and can be easily cleaned if mildew is present or if they get dusty.

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