Monday, November 25, 2013

Find Out About Clinics For Physical Therapy South Carolina

By Georgia Diaz

Clinics for physical therapy South Carolina are known to treat thousands each year very successfully. Their employees have the training, skills and professional approach to providing a top class service to the many patients that cross their thresh-hold every year. The staff work hard to build the reputation of their clinics by treating almost any type of injury or medical condition you can think off.

The therapist and the individual work together to produce their customised plan for treatment. Part of the exercise in developing the plan looks far beyond the individuals medical needs. It takes into account the persons age, life-style and physical abilities and restrictions. The goal is to prevent the individuals mobility from deteriorating any further and to maximize on any improvements.

Patients with injuries to their bones often need some form of rehabilitation. Many medical conditions which impact on the individuals mobility and dexterity are often referred for an assessment by a physical therapist. Injuries sustained during sports events often result in a referral for assessment and rehabilitation support.

To come up with a feasible rehabilitation course, the patient is assessed during their first visit to the clinic. As a result of assessing the individual and taking into account their age, current health and any restrictions on their mobility as well as the cause, the therapist will draw up the treatment schedule. Patients are given advice and instructions on how to manage their mobility at home with some simple exercises. As their mobility improves further exercise, tests or treatments can be recommended.

Patients are encouraged by their physical therapist to manage their condition and set themselves goals for improvement. Therapists can offer advice on other types of treatments that can help such as the application of heat and ice packs. It is believed that educating the patient is the key to understanding their individual condition and how to manage or improve their mobility.

South Carolina laws dictate that patients should be referred to a physical therapist by means of a prescription. Each prescription has a life-span of thirty days, after which is becomes obsolete. The individual has to contact the clinic to schedule an assessment as quickly as possible after they are given the prescription.

The doctor who initially referred the individual to the out-patient clinic for physical therapy will receive a copy of the therapists assessment. The two parties will communicate and agree any additional treatment or investigations that may be necessary to aid the patients recovery. The individuals general practitioner or referring physician will be given a copy of a discharge report and final assessment when the physical therapy is coming to an end.

Physical therapy South Carolina is provided by clinics to out-patients. This avoids long and sometimes unnecessary stays in hospital waiting for therapy. Patients are motivated to manage their therapy and encouraged to take responsibility for following the therapist instruction on exercising at home. Insurance providers much prefer paying for out-patient services, which cost less than a hospital stay which can stretch to an extended period.

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