Friday, November 22, 2013

Calgary Headache Pain Relief Tips Offered By Chiropractic Office

By Sherwin Albao

If you suffer from the experience of ongoing headaches, you are certainly not alone. Studies have shown that an average of 9 out of 10 people will encounter head pain at some stage in their lives. The Calgary chiropractor offers headache relief tips to assist in living a fully functional and pain free lifestyle.

Headaches can be occasional or chronic, often consisting of dull aches, throbbing, severe pain, and possible nausea. Reliance on medication to control these symptoms is on the rise, contributing to the experience of adverse effects on system function. It is important to determine the alternatives available to provide relief from the discomfort that could be causing dysfunction and limited operation.

Headaches can develop as a result of environmental triggers including intense light and food allergens. Research has shown that up to 90 percent of adverse effects can be attributed to cluster and tension headaches. Such dysfunction stems from muscle spasms and spinal misalignment that can be relieved with natural practice.

With more people living a sedentary lifestyle, poor posture and irritation of the nerves result from remaining in fixed positions. Chiropractors advise taking a 30 minute break from a fixed position for stretching and relaxing the head and neck muscles. Low impact exercise and aerobics are beneficial for minor headaches and migraines.

Studies have shown that the performance of spinal adjustments showed the greatest improvements. Patients suffering from spinal misalignment and joint problems in the neck may benefit from the application of an adjustment. The practitioner relies on a hands-on approach to implement gentle thrusts to target regions for relief and alignment.

The Calgary chiropractor advises patients to remain hydrated through the day to prevent the onset of head pain. Avoid teeth clenching that could lead to TMJ stress and nerve irritation. Visiting the practitioner can assist in relieving spinal misalignment, muscle spasms, and dysfunction responsible for maintaining headaches.

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