Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Brain Tumor Research Helped By Electricity

By Rob Sutter

It's apparent that brain tumor research is going to bring a tremendous amount of attention to the forefront. Anyone would be able to agree on the matter, especially when you take into account that this level of research can bring so many different therapies to the forefront. However, what about those that are rooted in electricity? It seems as though an electrical cap can be brought into effect and it seems like the idea can be responsible for great improvements for a number of patients.

A written report on abc123.com talked about how well this electrical cap has been able to come into play for greater brain tumor research efforts. It's not hard to see why, especially after the way that Melissa Hernandez-Chaczco, who wore it for 18 hours per day for the past two years, was able to benefit from it. It's clear that electricity is one element that should be looked at more often. Such a story should have the focus of organizations along the lines of Voices against Brain Cancer.

To say that the way this cap can work 18 hours per day is tremendous but there is more to it than that. The article spoke about the matter, saying how electricity was able to be transported along the brain through 36 ceramic disks. They have proven themselves to be useful, Hernandez-Chaczco stating that she has not felt said disks as they were put to work. It's clear as to why this cap has gained great emphasis, especially in comparison to radiation, invasive therapy, or what have you.

Those who utilize this particular cap in the future have to be responsible for swapping out electrodes, though, in order to keep matters rolling. To me, there is much to talk about in the way of electricity, especially if science is to be taken into consideration. Cell division, or mitosis, can be halted thanks to this particular element. Keep in mind that cells stand the chance of perishing if they stay in this stage for too long, which only makes this procedure that much more effective in the long term.

The fact that this method has been put to use speaks volumes, especially with the results that have come about after a couple of years' time. It seems like there are fewer side effects following this procedure as well, which is something that you can't exactly say for chemo or radiation. You do not want to harm other areas of the brain that are responsible for regularity, after all. I believe that this should be the goal for anyone who is involved in this level of research.

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