Thursday, February 20, 2014

All-Natural Anxiety Treatment For Relieving Stress And Fear

By Krystal Branch

Being stressed is one of the perks of living. However, being too stressed is not good for the body. People who are already at their breaking point should learn how to manage or relieve their stress so that they do not break down. In this case, they might want to learn cheap anxiety treatment San Fransisco to be able to deal with their fear and stress.

There are a number of suggestions that can be easily followed if people want to feel calm and relaxed despite their worries. This will be especially applicable when people are feeling an overwhelming fear. These methods are natural so there is no need to worry about them being expensive. Here are the natural and cheap methods to use for relieving fear and stress.

First of all, it will be effective to calm the nerves to sniff green apple scents. It should not be difficult to find items around that smell of this particular scent. The person may find the said scent in general items like air freshener, fragrance oil, and candles. Others can find this in lotions, bath soaps, and cosmetics. At other times, it might be useful to sniff the real thing.

The person should know how to imagine one's stress and fear like a patch of dark clouds. This means that the person should train his or her concentration by focusing inward. Identify whatever it is that is making one anxious. When the imaginary dark cloud is clearer, imagine tossing it up and out of one's head.

Twiddling the thumbs might be a sign of a person being nervous but this is actually a good way to ease stress without paying anything or doing too much. This is actually the most helpful when people are already feeling out-of-sorts because of their sleepless nights. They should lace their hands together and rotate their thumbs around each other in an away motion.

There are times when people will prefer to go for self-hypnosis. The best time to use self-hypnosis is when people are about to go to sleep, right when they fall into the border of wakefulness and sleep. When they are feeling comfortable, self-hypnosis can then begin. One can make himself or herself feel better with this kind of cheap option.

Patting the area right under their eyes will surely help in relieving their fears and stress. They should pat the meridian point under their eyes, either on the left side, on the right side, on both or alternately. The point is right on top of their cheekbone, at the bony ridge part, right underneath their eye's pupil.

Smiling is a great way to deal with everything too. They should know that it will be easy for them to relieve their stress when they smile. They can trick their own minds that everything will be all right when they smile. They can gradually eliminate their fear, worry, and stress because of this.

Making a sound similar to that of an air raid siren is an easy anxiety treatment San Fransisco that helps calm the entire nervous system. It should help the person obtain a feeling of being grounded and focused. Start by making small sounds like the air raid siren. Humming slowly from the top of one's voice and sliding down gradually should do. Take a deep breath to feel better.

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