Thursday, February 13, 2014

Brain Tumors & Speaking About Diverse Natures

By Katie Arden

When it comes to the development of brain tumors, perhaps no other point is more vital than that of diversity. When various types of individual cells come together, it makes matters difficult when it comes to breaking them apart. One can only imagine how much more difficult this can be when talking about treating the tumors in question through unique procedures. Why is it that these cells have such physical differences? It seems as though it has to do with chromosomes.

Rather, the focus is placed on "chromosomal abnormalities," according to a report posted on Medical Xpress. According to associate professor of biological sciences Jianhua Xing, there has to be a strong understanding when it comes to cell diversity. Xing said that this could potentially play into the creation of stronger remedies that would be able to help everyone, which is a point that is more than worth nothing. Along with Yi-Hong Zhou, an assistant professor of neurological surgery, Xing looked deeper into the matter.

Xing and Zhou, according to the article, made the conclusion that cell diversity could be arrived at because of genes which have different numbers of copies of chromosome 7. For those not in the know, this means that brain tumors have a greater chance of surviving in the human body. It seems like there are a number of potential triggers, as organizations such as Voices against Brain Cancer would be able to attest to. Cancer cells are able to cross over the security systems of sorts seen in the body, which is what causes the formation of more chromosomes than needed.

When it comes to the factors to consider in the way of cell shifts, the mis-segregation of chromosomes is apparently the strongest to make note of. Without this, tumors would not be able to progress in the brain as well as they might have been able to otherwise. There are various efforts to consider, many of them being done in attempt to keep chromosomes at more normal levels. The scientific process is a complicated one, though, and the prevalence of variables is a point that cannot be questioned.

Can it be said that chromosomes are the only factor that can lead to the formation and progression of brain tumors? It would be a lofty claim to make, as there are other potential factors that can make this come about, which is why efforts are continually put forth by individuals like Xing and Zhou. Even though one key might be found in order to take away one lock, many other locks have to be considered. With cancer cells being so advanced, though, one pathway becoming open is welcome.

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